Orange light and sensors not working as calibrated 6 months ago


I have an issue where my sensor change to a light orange colour which caused issue with calibration or position of my drumming.I have been using Freedrum for six months with no problem then just last week this orange light came on and all the drum pieces are all over the place.I play the hit hat from my calibrated position and I keep getting the crush sound.Please let me know what is going on.I really like my Freedrum kit.Thanks


Sounds like you’re connecting with the new Freedrum app which has more colours than older version, to allow for all the different configurable zones.
Might be worth setting up the drum positions again in Freedrum app, and click the “tick” button to make sure these settings are transferred across to the sensors.
I would stick to 3 (maybe 4) drums in the top row, and 3 in the bottom. Any more becomes tricky and requires more practice.



Were you able to get your kit working? Do you need further assistance? Please email us at if you need any help.




Yes the issue was resolved by the above solution.Appreciate your help and really enjoying this instrument.Thanks


That is great to hear! If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!