Output on bluetooth headset


Excited to receive my freedrum yesterday, spent quite a while to set them up. Hitting area is quite sensitive as they are easily mixed up with mid-tom (high angle RHS and snare) Overall I am quite happy with the outcome although it a bit annoying when wrong sound is given when hitting the right space.

Anyways, this is my major problem, when I try to practice quietly with my bluetooth headset, it does not give anything close to a drum sound but just some low frequency noise, anyone else experience this problem? If I connected through a 3.5mm headphone it is perfectly fine.



We do not recommend connecting a bluetooth headset to play with Freedrum. You will experience latency when playing because the sensors already use Bluetooth.

When it comes to playing within the zones practice will make playing better with each session. Also, making sure that the sensors don’t rotate around the sticks when playing.


Thank you for the tip, just tried to have some quiet practice only. Cheers and thank you for creating such a great item.


No worries! If you need any help in the future just let us know!