Pedals are not working iOS/MacOs Garage Band


I set up in the Sensorware App two sensors as hand-sensors and two as foot-sensors. The foot sensors will just be ignored in the iOS Garage Band App and in the MacOs Garage Band the foot-sensors are recognized as hand sensors. I did a v6 firmware update. I also did the 7 seconds reset and updated afterward. On v1 it was at least possible to use the foot-sensors in the Garage Band iOS App. Now it’s worse. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this?


Have you updated the sensorware app on the iOS App Store?


Yes, I have the latest version of Sensorware. I tried to reconnect restart the app and so on. Nothing is working.


The two sensors also do not show the little music-symbol when shaking in the Sensorware App, the other two sensors are showing this when shaking. I think there is something serious broken with this two sensors. What do you think?


Hmm ok, so you definitely have two working sensors so far. Tell me, do all 4 sensors read version 6 (V6) on the Sensorware app?

Also. Try this. Go into your Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and delete all of the FD1 v6 devices. (See below). After this, run the Sensorware app and connect the devices. What happens? Do they work now?


Hi @Fillipio99,
I’m having the same problem as @vincent. I’ve created an account because although the foot sensors connect and register when played in Sensorware, they do not work in GarageBand iOS.
All my software and sensors are up to date.



Have you tried using a different drum kit? Also if you have headphones on in GarageBand. Sounds silly but try unplugging your headphones audio jack and back in again.

Let me know the outcome and we will try more things :slight_smile:

Also make sure Sensorware is open and not forced closed


For some reason, 11 days later, every thing is working! Thanks a lot for the advice, anyways! If I have any more problems I’ll make sure to let you know :wink:
Oh, but how do I get the hi-hat to make a sound with the foot sensor, I can get it if I really stretch my legs, although it is very uncomfortable! Any suggestions?



When you press the LED button to calibrate put your foot a little to the right. Then when you move your foot back to a natural position it will be the hi-hat. :slight_smile: