Please look into here and leave a "thank you" for the devs!


First, I’m not a “fanboy”… of noone… never.
Overall I’m a very critical guy.
But I see that hard work of the small dev team of Freedrum to make a big dream come true.
If we, the backers are disappointed, how must they feel ?
It’s 22:30h in Malmö, Sweden now and they are still on here, trying to help, trying to find solutions.
Let’s give them a THANKS for their hard work - they need it.

P.S.: Dear Devs, don’t forget to take free time at the weekend to load your batteries. :wink:

THANK YOU ! :heart_eyes:


Yes thanks!
I don’t think that all of us who preordered and supported this great work are “disappointed” when it’s not working perfectly from day 1 on.

We know that it’s not a big company with a lot of engineers developing a new product. So it’s inevitable that we work as beta tester to find the still existing problems and give suggestions (and wishes) for a better result.


I will also leave my Thanks here!
Freedrum is doing a good Job, all haters should note, that it is just released and by using it as designed, its still Great!

Best wishes


Definitely. You guys did an amazing job with such an outstanding kickstarter campaign!

And my freedrum is actually working fine from day 1!

So keep up the good work and take it easy if not everything is 100% perfect sometimes :wink:




I have already dreamed 6 years ago about an option which would allow to play “air drums” with actual sound one way or another, you guys fullfilled my wish. That’s just amazing. A thousand thumbs up for you guys!


I haven’t still received mine yet but it’s on its way. I’ve been constantly checking Kickstarter for updates and feedbacks. I would like to thank the team the devs everyone for tirelessly to make this happen. It might need a little more push but we’re already here. Thank you Freedrum!


Absolutely loving my sensors. I’ve been using them to demo drums with Garageband & Battery 4 with minor mis-registers (90% of which I’m sure are me getting carried away). Awaiting the iOS approval for FW update

I can’t wait to see how they evolve over time.


I was disappointed when I first got my sensors and was hoping that there would be more updates to the firmware that would alleviate my suspicions. After the 3rd tutorial that I watched last night, I had so much fun and played for the best part of three hours with them. If you play drums anyway, I think it’s a bit like learning how to play a new instrument but with a huge head start. After some practise, you’ll be playing without needing the template that was provided and I’m sure you’ll get as much fun out of them as I have. I’ve been on them so much today that they’re now recharging! Just to add I’m using Logic Pro X with the audio buffer set to 32. Any higher there is a slight lag. Developers, please accept a huge thank you. I know that there are a few people who have had problems with Android but being one the of the early backers and contacting you with confidence that you have been trying your best, I’m sure that Android users will also be just as happy as Mac users. Thanks again.


Just to add, I’m using the Drum Kit Designer in Logic. Fantastic. The only issue I have is that the kick drum is too quiet. I think you said that would be addressed in the next firmware update.


The bassdrum needs an extremely high velocity to kick out.
So yes, the velocity should be set to a higher value for feet sensors.
Same problem should appear on any platform.


On GarageBand 2.2.2 you can set the velocity depending on your taste:


No OS no iOS - so no Garageband, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:
Configuring the velocity is also possible on other platforms.
And if not, I guess future sensorware for different platforms will include velocity configuration.
Anyway, I really appreciate your help.


I’ve actually tried that in iOS GarageBand, and this setting doesn’t have any effect at all, even if I simply disable Velocity, I can hear kick drum on the highest volume when I just tap the screen, but the sound from the sensor is still a bit quiet. But it should be fixed in the next update, which is still on Apple review.

Freedrum team: Looking forward for this update to check out the fix for kit drifting. Your solution with a reference drums seems super smart and totally makes sense, hope it works on practice as well, we’ll see after iOS app update :wink:
Great job, I’m super inspired with the freedrum now


Otherwise you can try to change velocity in the iPhone main-settings:

As you can see, my settings are on factory default, because I adjust my playing-style to the actual freedrum properties.


Don’t get me wrong, but you’re aware that you discuss technical problems in a “Thank you devs” thread ?
:rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Thanks to all the team at freedrum !
I am 35,and i’ve wanting to play drums since I was 10 maybe but i’ve always lived in an appartment and had no actual place for digital drums.
So you made my child dream come true 3 days ago :smiley:

Congratulations on that great product.


Hi devs, hi all,

Just updated to the new version of the sensorware app on iOS and the new firmware (v5).

It works great! Following the tips of Tutorial 3 the drifting problem is nearly gone.

Thanks for the great product and the ongoing effort you put into this! :+1:


Thank you for the new firmware update! New reference drum thing fixes the drifting problem and now I can play few songs in a row w/o clicking the sensors button to re-align them :smiley:
Even if you notice that kit started to drift because you’ve played not very precisely, you can intentionally play a bit more to the left/right to “force” it to align to that place. Which allows to “move” it while playing. But ideally this should never happen if you just play perfectly in the center of all 3 zones.
Great job Freedrum!


HUGE thank you to the dev team!!! :grinning::trophy::fireworks::tada::clap:

My freedrum is now easily working on (1) Android Galaxy S7 Edge and (2) MacBookPro GarageBand.

Was tricky as a user to understand how to get started, but “Tutorial 3” angles was the difference maker for me! I would say that FreeDrum’s biggest challenge for users is “Getting started”, but after that, it’s a dream come true!!!