Please look into here and leave a "thank you" for the devs!


Don’t get me wrong, but you’re aware that you discuss technical problems in a “Thank you devs” thread ?
:rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Thanks to all the team at freedrum !
I am 35,and i’ve wanting to play drums since I was 10 maybe but i’ve always lived in an appartment and had no actual place for digital drums.
So you made my child dream come true 3 days ago :smiley:

Congratulations on that great product.


Hi devs, hi all,

Just updated to the new version of the sensorware app on iOS and the new firmware (v5).

It works great! Following the tips of Tutorial 3 the drifting problem is nearly gone.

Thanks for the great product and the ongoing effort you put into this! :+1:


Thank you for the new firmware update! New reference drum thing fixes the drifting problem and now I can play few songs in a row w/o clicking the sensors button to re-align them :smiley:
Even if you notice that kit started to drift because you’ve played not very precisely, you can intentionally play a bit more to the left/right to “force” it to align to that place. Which allows to “move” it while playing. But ideally this should never happen if you just play perfectly in the center of all 3 zones.
Great job Freedrum!


HUGE thank you to the dev team!!! :grinning::trophy::fireworks::tada::clap:

My freedrum is now easily working on (1) Android Galaxy S7 Edge and (2) MacBookPro GarageBand.

Was tricky as a user to understand how to get started, but “Tutorial 3” angles was the difference maker for me! I would say that FreeDrum’s biggest challenge for users is “Getting started”, but after that, it’s a dream come true!!!



Thanks for all the hard work you guys made.
Just tried out the sensors and it’s sooooo much fun.




Hi guys, thanks for all the kind words! It feels pretty great when your community spontaneously sheers you on like this, makes all the difference for me at least. Thank you!!


I must say on the day I received my freedrum I was very disappointed, since it didn’t work with windows at all and on my android phone it made sounds but was very unstable and messy.

On day two however I received the update V5 and Sensorware update and it started working a little better.

On day three the forum opened and immediately people came together and made it work on windows 10.

I am now using it everyday on Windows 10 with reaper and powerdrum and it works like a charm. No lag, no problems just pure fun playing. Well a little drum shifting but I have no doubt it’s will only get even better from here.

I just want to say thank you so much for the effort and the fun you bring to all of us and thanks to the members of the Forum who form a kind and helpful community trying to make every owner of Freedrum solve his issues and lets them experience the joy.

I just love you people :smiley:

Keep it on


OMG! Thank you Freedrum Development Team and Freedrum Inception Visionaries for all your hard work, dedication and personal sacrifices each of you made to put Freedrums in our hands.

I am very much enjoying and loving my set!


Hello to all the team from Perth, Australia.
Just received Freedrums 2 days ago and I was definitely mindblown!
What a great and entartaining product you have brought to life! I was my firt involvement in any kickstart campaign and you guys have set the bar really high.
There is always room for improvement of course, but for a first release it is def an achievement to celebrate.
One cool idea for the future would be to incorporate with a VR headset so you can virtually “see” the drumkit.


I totally concur—great work dev dudes, the new firmware update is most excellent. keep up the fantastic work and, like the first guy said…take those opportunities to go recharge your batteries once in a while. Go look at art, or clouds, or take your girlfriend/boyfriend out for sushi or meatballs.


Agreed. They’ve set an example by which other kickstarters need to employ. It’s admirable that even when presented with comments and opinions that appeared at first to establish FD as a product that over promised and under delivered, the FD Team have truly turned it into everything they set out to make it be.

Loved seeing the evolution and how these guys have handled themselves.

Great work, guys.


PS I’ll echo the comment i saw earlier in the thread: I admit being a little underwhelmed when i first received FD. However, seeing the posts with what’s possible has changed my opinion 180 degrees. Let’s put it this way. When i backed this it was because I thought this would be an alternative to buying an electronic drum kit. Then when I received them, and played them, I was disappointed to think that it looked like i would have to buy a kit. Today? Not even a thought. Freedrum is my solution. It does exactly what I need it to do.


@Siggypop: What changed your mind and convinced you that FD was great, what process did you have to go through? I feel there are many people who have perhaps a slightly underwhelming first reaction and perhaps have written it off, so would be good to hear how you grew into liking them


This indeed is a great product with endless possibilities and also I can play it whenever and wherever i want. :smiley:
Thanx to the developers ,you have done a great job .:grinning:
Though i would let everyone know that I had to pay about 90 USD as custom charges in India,though this isn’t something that the developers could have helped me in ,but yeah after receiving the product i was kinda shocked when the DHL guy asked me to give him this hefty amount as Custom charges.:sweat_smile:
But yes the popularity of this product is increasing day by day :grinning: Many of my drummer friends are now planning to buy Freedrum in the next batch :smiley:


hey @Lawrence!

I admit, though on paper everything is perfect, when i actually started messing with them I began to realize how much of a gap still existed between the idea and solution. But i also realized these guys are truly interested in elevating the experience. Honestly, after receiving them and futzing with them the first day, they have sat ever since. Only because it just wasn’t fun to have to be so “delicate” to get the hardware to function properly.

I mean, it was fun just banging the air and getting sounds; however, the temperamental angles wore on me pretty quickly. So, I sat. Watched the comments on Kickstarter. Another firmware was released. Then the forum opened up. All of a sudden, the workarounds, the hacks, the tutorials from other members (not the mods), all started to shake awake the potential.

For me, I just wanted an alternative to playing drums with my midi synth as doing so is cumbersome and unexciting. At least with FD i could actually “play” the parts. What really changed it for me was what I was actually after the entire time: connecting the midi device to my DAW then through a more robust plugin (not garageband) that turns FD into an experience. Though I’ve not attempted to any determined degree to run this through pro tools and superior drummer, that many have successfully done so through reaper gives me hope that at least it’s possible.

Another big thing is - and i actually made this request a few weeks before FD shipped and was told “it was coming” - all the videos I had seen were at an average tempo. I wondered if that was intentional i.e., playing fast was problematic. The video of someone playing fast was never delivered. But they did start showing up in the forum. Many are way faster than I need to play, and at least faster than the demo videos.

For these reasons, and given that these guys are listening to forum members’ wish lists while also further enhancing the hardware, I’ve moved from feeling these are novelty items to knowing I have a useful tool at my disposal.

Still a long way to go, but lots to look forward to.


Dear Freedrum team,

This is the first kickstarter project I’ve supported/experienced, and I want to pay tribute to you all there at Freedrum.

I think your inspiration and vision for this product, and then your dedication and commitment to making it a reality is second to none.

I hope you haven’t felt too hurt by some of the negative and dismissive comments posted by some when their experience hasn’t been 100% from the word go. They don’t get that the road is not always easy and that problems sometimes occur (and sometimes expectations are simply too high). And sometimes it’s a case of “user error”, but that’s often difficult to diagnose when you’re on the other side of the world!

Your patience, always courteous tone and dedication to helping everyone who asks (or complains!) is totally commendable, and the hours you put in to monitor and respond on the forums is amazing. You seem to stay up as late working as some of us do playing our Freedrums!

Yes we’re not there yet - what product is ever “perfect” - and you might feel like there’s an impossibly long list of improvements or tweaks yet to do … but try and remember how far you’ve come already from a simple dream.

This is a brilliant product, finally enabling many people like myself who have wanted to learn to play drums for years and years, but have not had the space/environment etc. in which to have a full size drum kit - acoustic or electric - to be able to learn to play.

I’m learning with my Freedrums and my 10 year old daughter is learning with me. And all we need is these sensors and an app. Awesome!

Thank you so much again, please keep going, keep striving to make Freedrum and the apps/connections with other apps as good as you can, and may you be blessed by the realisation of the gift that you have given to many across the world.


Thanks Devs,

eventually i got my first drum kit, tested and start to enjoy it !!! I am not a drummer, but, as a music gadget addicted, I had to support such incredible project. :love_you_gesture:


Agreed. Very well stated. :+1:


Guys many thanks to all of you!

many thanks to all the support you give us, to all the Hours spent helping us supporter and customer.

My first expirence was… strange! I already play drum, and for all whose already does, Freedrum is a real different instrument!

The fact is when you hit physical thing, is that them are there, they won’t move, if you don’t make the correct movement, when you are going to hit, your brain looks, and correct the movement.

When you hit someting invisible… well, I still should to adjust myself.

With some pratice you will see that everything will work just fine.
I could say, with first experience all is perfect.

All 4 sensors connected at first time, all of them working… it’s just me that … I have to work hard !