Please look into here and leave a "thank you" for the devs!


Just got my freedrums this week, and of course I would like to add my “thank you”! for the developers. Great tool!


I don’t use the sensors for air drumming, only as foot sensors for playing samples while playing guitar with my hands. But for this use case FreeDrum is exactly the solution I’ve been waiting on for years. Thank you for helping me make the music I hear in my head!


New here. But truly this is a cool website.
Thank you devs!


I’d been following and reading in this forum for some time. Recently decided to give it a try. I’d say it’s not perfect but better than nothing. Though there’s still flaws and space for improvement, I’d say the freedrum team did a great job so far in focusing on solving rather than keep coming up new products but never really refine the old ones. Great job and keep it up! God bless!


My only complaint is that I, myself don’t have more tech/computer skills. I can drum in my sleep but the computer part is what’s killing me. On my android, works like a charm.
Windows is still kicking my butt, however I’m sur eventually I will figure it out and enjoy it even more than Android!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thank you! My family thanks you! My neighbors thank you!!
A dream come true this project is. For many of us.
Cheers from Utah, USA :green_heart::green_heart::musical_score::drum: