Problem connecting Freedrum sticks to reaper MacOS


Dear all,

I just downloaded reaper for MacOS and followed the following steps for setting up my kit: [Guide] How To - Freedrum on Windows 10 with Reaper

I think its quiet similar even if the guide is for Windows.

When I connect my MIDI devices (works with Freedrum App and Garage band) in reaper, I get the error information that my MIDI devices couldn’t be opened and that the manufacturer and the model is not available/supported.

Do anyone of you have a solution for me? I would be very thankful.

Excuse my english please. Kind regards from Germany



Hey Micha,

Have you reached out to Reaper team for assistance? That would be the best way to get the information you need. We will try and reach out to them too.


Thank you, I will do it :slight_smile: