Problem with my Senors

I got my ACID Free drum starterpack today, and have problems with my sensors. One fu works fine but the other one does not work anymore, he stays with you all the time. I wanted to ask if anyone could help me. Thank you very much


Did you fully charge the second sensor?
What is the exact issue you are having? Does it turn on?

Same problem here 2 will work 2 will not. 1 after a full charge shows nearly empty battery. They’ll try and connect then they disconnect. My Win10 bluetooth settings says CSR8510 A10 Driver Error. Not sure if that’s a sensor? Try on android playing with 1 foot and 1 hand is ok but not ideal :smirk:I don’t have any other devices near. Mine is also the AcidPro Freedrum Kit With extra foot sensors purchased. help! I’ve had them for 6 months now and have TIRELESSLY tried to get them working.

Hello Jefelito!

We can assist you with that. If one is not holding a charge it is definitely a battery issue. You said 2 weren’t working. What about the second one you are having issues with? What is happening with that sensor?

Did you purchase through MAGIX?

So the one that doesn’t have the battery issue will connect sometimes but only for a minute or two, it will never register in sensorware such as how the red light flashes with the good ones. The strange thing is, it’s one of each pair ( I got a pair with acid pro, and a second pair a few months later) As i mentioned before …I think? :confused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My windows bluetooth action center says “CSR8510 A10 Driver error”…if that’s the dongle? I’m not a computer guy whatsoever…just a drummer who is DYING to get these working!

yes they both turn on, flash blue, then solid blue. 2 days ago they would at least show up on the device list now they don’t even do that. They’re charged but I’m unsure if the one is low as it’s my android that read’s the battery percentage. When I was trying the freedrum app on droid they would show up, then as soon as I would “send config.” it seemed almost as if hitting that button turned them off…that’s another thing it seemed as if whenever I pushed any button they would just shut off (the sensors would go dark) switchig from windows to android wouldn’t mess them up would it?

Srry…My wife bought them I’ll need to ask her where she bought the acid pro set…standby…great customer service btw!!

She could have possibly purchased from their shop on the Magix website. If so you would have to go through there customer service portal for assistance on a replacement.

This is the support channel website. First you need to create an account with them before you can make a request. Just a heads up if she ordered online. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !And by the way Good news!.. I was able to get 3 of them working perfectly on my Android, what I did was
1: Disconnected everything in my Bluetooth
2: Uninstalled Freedrum app Reinstalled it.
3: Repaired my sensors ONE BY ONE
However I then found out that that fourth one still is reading Low low battery Immediately after charge. So as soon as I find out where we got it I will send it out for a new one I still have yet to try again on windows. But I will let you know!! So glad I found this forum!! I’ve been trying to get these going since November! Cheers!

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Just a suggestion for using only 3 sensors: if you don’t need to open the hi-hat, just close it with your right foot (turn it left, close hi-hat, then turn back right)… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice. I got a little too excited The 3 are still working however I do have to unpair them and shut down and restart my Android every time In order to connect them .Have yet to get windows to accept them I’m very frustrated with windows but I’ll keep trying.