Question: Cable Connection BeatsX by Dre To iPhone


Hello, everyone.

I have an absolute off-topic here, but I hope that someone has experience. I have an iPhone 6S and BeatsX by Dre, which are operated via Bluetooth.

Now it comes to a latency that makes freedrumming impossible due to the various Bluetooth connections with my mobile phone.

I found an AUX (Cinch)-to-Lightning cable on Amazon, which would make the Bluetooth connection with the Beats X obsolete. The manufacturer states that the Lightning connector must be plugged into the iPhone and the AUX connector into the headphones. Unfortunately, the Beats X also have a Lightning connector.

Now the question
Does anyone know if it works if you connect the cable the other way round?
Maybe someone has another solution for this?

Here are the cables
Sunshot Blitz zu 3.5mm Mann zu männlichem Aux Stereo Audio Goldkabel Kabel für iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - Premium Kopfhörer Adapter zum Auto Stereo (3,5 mm Aux Kabel 3.3ft / 1M) (Gold)

Thank you in advance.
Best greetings


this link is a bit of a long read but should hopefully answer your question. As far as i can see this WON’T work the other way around :frowning:


Thanks, man. I’ll lead and test it at the next opportunity.



I solved the problem by ordering Beats Studio headphones.

I will sell the Beats X on eBay. Thank you for your help.