Rebound Solution?

Hi everyone, i know the Devs must hate me a little bit but all i want is to push FD to the limit cause I’m loving this “gadget”.
I saw that Aerodrums has a rebound coding that helps on rudiments, is there any thoughts or ideas for FD to have a similar solution?

Ps:Playing on a surface isnt a option cause the sensors goes crazy after hitting something.

Sounds interesting, what’s “rebound coding”? We’ve had suggestions from people for some kind of force feedback in the sensors, but while it would be increadibly cool, it would also probably be increadibly expensive and require a huge battery…

I suppose it’s a coding for the sensor to produce a vibration when there’s a trigger of the sound to emulate rebound. It’s like a tapic engine on a iPhone.

Depends on your drum style, but I find holding the stick slightly loose, to allow it to hit the inside of my hand as you hit the drum position, feels like a rebound. Obviously not the same as actual rebound but with a bit of practice you can get a pretty good drumrole going with the loose grip.

I see many of us have some fantasy over 6 axis sensors and do not know about their limitations.
Most of gyro sensors are affected by physical impact.
Over certain amount of impact leads to sensors malfunction.
Try freedrum hitting any surface, and you will see they loose orientation.
Some impact free durable ones are extremely expensive.

Hi, I have question : Does freedrum work with impacts? It seems to me that I had seen this somewhere…

Freedrum has 6 axis sensor which is the combination of impact sensor and gyro sensor.
The impact here is related with velocity not touch or impulse.
Most of 6 axis sensors show malfunction when physical impact occurs.
I am quite sure that freedrum can never go with rebounding feature.

Hello, thank you for your answer.
I have found this video, made on Kickstarter, back in the days.
So you said Freedrum can’t handle rebound… So why do they say they can in the video ?

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This is exactly typical example of difference between demo and real world.
Try it longer and hit the other positions, and you will see the total chaos.

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Hey all!

If you are using it with a practice pad you can definitely use it in the way we demonstrated in the video. I personally do the same myself with a snare drum for example. It is true though that the harder you give a hit you can disrupt the sensors and lose placement of the other drums.

I have tried to play drums on a practice pad, and it just doesn’t work… I won’t talk about playing on a drumkit like the KS video, just impossible.
I don’t see the point here. Freedrum works on airdrumming, so why trying to say that it works with rebound when it does not ?