Reset orientation


I think it would be very useful to have a function of resetting the orientation without restarting all sensors. Cause when u play while u move (walking, sitting in the bus, train,…) The orientation changes with your moving direction. Originally I planned to use my travelling time to practice drumming, but with these effect of changing orientation its not easy. I always need to restart and reconnect sensors.



If you press the led button, the center will be reset. So you don’t have to restart the sensors.


Hi,I have the free drum 2kits.
And downloaded the sensorware Beta and update.
I have the galaxy note 4.
But the snare,hi-hat and all of the the beat position can not the right position
How can
arranged that…
Plz help me.
If I have the New phone Galaxy s8
The same method downloaded.
The poi.can be arranged autimatically or others


Hi, Did you try change left by right hand in the settings (same reverse for the other one)