Rim shot of left hand

I hope that Sensorware supports rim shot of left hand by twisting the angle likes the open hihat of right hand in the future.


Good idea! :grinning:

And a rim click when twisting the right hand on the snare position.
Or rim shot sound when twisted to the left and rim click sound when twisted to the right.

I hope I’m not gonna ruin the surprise, but the dev is definitely working on this feature.
( I already tested it, works quite good :wink: )

Important edit: Please note, that this doesn’t ensure an implementation in the very next update, just “maybe someday” :sweat_smile:


I knew it! Yes, that’s great news~ just waiting till next firmware :slight_smile:

That’s for me the missing feature… wonderful news

Was about to ask the same thing and happen to scroll onto this. Rim click n rim shot is essential in the music nowadays. Do hope that this feature can be included in the next update.

Other then twisting left and right, is there a way for the sensor or magnetometer to gyroscope the position/direction on the same area to emulate different sounds of snare playing and other zones as other parts of the drums?

For example, between your legs is snare zone, 50cm to the left from the snare zone is hi-hat zone, 50cm to the right from the snare zone is floor tom.

Apologies, I’m not an engineer. So I’m not sure if my suggestions are workable. Just something I thought of.

Rimshot and choke on the cymbals is in the works :slight_smile:

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