Samsung S8 - works perfectly [Solved]


Got my complete limited edition black kit this week. Set all 4 sensors successfully as v7. Latency is very low, you can’t notice any delay.

All works fine on the Samsung S8. Android.


I also have S8 but I am unable to follow rhythm of a played song due to latency. When you play solo it is acceptable, but try to follow a song…


Yes, you will experience latency. We are working on a fix to combat this issue, but we can not promise a definite fix as this is a android, not freedrum, issue.


I have the new phone(galaxy s8 plus).
But can not downloaded v7 updated.
Why not that.
Want your detailed infornations.
From the first step methods to the last method of the updated.
Thanks[quote=“Chris, post:4, topic:1331, full:true”]
I have the new phone (GalaxyS8).
But have been firmare.
But can not downloaded the uodate.
Whats wrong with these.
Please want to know how can do that.
As soon as possible.please.
How can not downloaded the update v7.


Hello Chris,

You need to download the app Sensorware on the play store to update the sensors.


I have the S8. Have the updated sensors software installed and have been able to play very accurately with recorded music.
I’d say the latency is fine, seriously there is no lag.
The angle at which I play and sometimes hitting the correct drum can fail, but fine after a quick releveling.


Interested to know “What next” for Freedrum dev team?? :slight_smile:


We are working on our iOS App Freedrum and moving it over to Android. We are getting better results daily with performance.

We are also dipping into Windows support and configuration that should come after Android gets ironed out.

We also have many plans for firmware updates and configurations. Stick with us! :slight_smile:


Yes. It’s great. I like innovation. Focus on UX over feature always. If it’s not solid, don’t progress.
I say that, as my android glitch is only that I have to often reset to front and level quite often as I lose the drum position. More impact on longer play because I have to stop, but it doesn’t stop the fun.

I’d really enjoy a more configurable drum kit both in sound and in position. All with a friendly and intuitive UI.


As a temporary solution, I already posted it like below.

I have no problem with this as a practice tool, and it works as good as I paid for.

However, still I believe that eventually there must be serious upgrade on the hardware level-gyro and velocity sensor.
Also, I want many of us to be aware that self positioning tech is extremely hard to be implemented especially in case of fast and wide movement like freedrum.
Freedrum is not something like a drone which has its own communication function and many other.
I googled and found a Korean company that makes tiny sized position sensor with almost perfect accuracy and precision, but at the price-pont it is out of the question.
I am going to watch what devs team can do and I hope they amaze me with breaking my thought.


I have the New phone(GalaxyS8+)
But several times want the updated(v7).
But the DFU have been updated.
How can the updated(V7) downloaded.
I can not do that.
Please want your favorable reply and method .


Want your updated screenshot.
Please help me.
Can not do that.


I have the same phone as like yours ,
But several times can not played .
Please want your updated method.
Please help me and your screenshot for my


Hello Chris,

Have you tried deleting our app and downloading it again?
Try to delete the bluetooth information for the sensors off your phone.

Then download the app again and try to update the sensors.

Email us at if you need further assistance.


How are you
I an from korea.and saw your message
You said that found in korea company.
If you know the informatiions,
I want help from korea company name .
If you know please send us your informations.I want to play the freedrum.
Now have no played about for one year.