Save drumset configuration



when you are adding more instruments to the configuration list, it woulfd be good, if we can save several drumkits.
Especially when you would add more percussion instruments like conga, bongo, cowbell,…
Maybe we could put them on the twist-gesture, when we could cutomize these,



Hi Michael,
Not sure what platform your using. (Eg iPhone) or if you’ve tried connecting to GarageBand, however there are many percussion DrumKits available. Also, the cowbell is available on most kits in GarageBand, with right twist gesture on the ride symbol.
Have fun!


Hi Robin,

I’m using Andreoid with my Galaxy S10. So GarageBand is no alternative for me.
Or are there any other (Android) App that I can use with freeddrum?



Hey Michael,

We have tested a few apps, but most are limited to only 1 midi device unfortunately.

You mentioned that you have a Galaxy S10. Is it okay if I email you with a few questions. We have recently seen users with S10, S9 and S8 having connection issues.