Selling my 4 sensor set (Germany)

Good day guys!

Due to space and Moving reasons i’ll have to say good bye to my Free drum set.

It is a 4 sensor kit, with drumsticks, a pair of (double usb each pair) charging cables and Box.

If any one in germany (Munich) is intrested feel free to contact me.


nice! i thought about listing here and kickstarter, as well. Currently they’re on craigslist and letgo dallas.

If yours sell, i may follow suit. good luck!

I will also sell my 4 sensor set, after months of trying to get rid of the drifting… :frowning:

Just try to configure your sensors with this tool:
Set the “Ref drum window” value to 12 on stick sensors and this will start to align your angles for zones after 12 hits on one pad. E.g. after you hit Snare 12 times, it will start to rotate the angles to match the spot you’re hitting to be in the centre of the “Snare zone”. I never had problems with drifting after setting this up.

I’m getting “loading failed, try again” on windows and android :S