Sensor Pad Mapping


Reaper, or the MT Power Drumkit II under windows also offers this feature. Here’s an example:


Thanks. Are these options available in garageband in iOS or Mac OS?


No, these options are from the MT Drumkit, which is controlled by Reaper on Microsoft Windows.

On OS X (MacOS) you would have to buy Logic Pro X (230$).


… Or simply get the exact same Reaper and MT Power Drumkit 2 for Mac :stuck_out_tongue:


I use MainStage on Mac which has the same sounds as Logic. How would you assign all the extras in Logic? I would then see if I can do the same in MS.


Alex is right, Mate. You can also get Reaper64 AMD MTPowerDrum for OS X.

Check out his Guide:


I can confirm that the extra mappings made in the Android Sensorware app work in SoCal and other drum kits in MainStage (and therefore Logic) too :wink: I’m now able to get the Left and Right Crashes on the left and right, can get rimshot on Snare twist and will explore other possibilities for other twist movements. Thanks for revealing this level of customisation!


Could you please navigate me on how to set up these mappings in Sensorware? Running the latest version of it on Android.

  1. Connect a sensor to the app
  2. Touch on the sensor in the list in the app to go into it’s settings (Configure screen)
  3. Click on the 3 little vertical dots in the top right hand corner
  4. Select Pad presets
  5. Select 6 or 10 zones
  6. Wave the sensor about, you’ll see the “current” zone moving around
  7. Touch on a zone on the screen and you get a window in the foreground that has the options in it
    a) Zone number - I don’t think we need to alter that - leave the numbers as they are in there
    b) Midi note - this is the main note number that will be sent when you “hit” the drumstick down
    c) Midi note left twist - the midi note that will be sent when you hit with a twist to the left
    When you’ve selected the midi notes you want, click ok to return to showing all the different zones.
    Hit whatever button on your phone returns you to the previous menu, which will take you back to the Configure screen. Then do the same again or touch the back arrow in the top left to return to the main list.
    Repeat for your other hand sensor.
    The different midi notes sent correspond to different drum sounds, depending on what sound source you’re using.

Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot.
Unfortunatelly, when I tap three dots in the sensor menu, I see only “Forget” option. Nothing else.

Is the Sensorware with multiple zones a beta version or the latest from Google play?



I’m using beta 11, although it’s a beta it is the latest version available on Google play. What version do you have?


The multizone sensorware is a beta version currently ,you can download it from here



Thank you guys.
My version is beta10. I will try the beta 11.

Official google play page with Sensorware shows Beta 10…


I somehow managed to join the beta testing programme and since then Google play has always updated to the latest beta and I didn’t even realise there was a different stable version. Learn something new every day.

Suchdeep’s link takes you to the beta 11, so download, install and try it out. Should find all the options are then available.


Hi guys,

I’d also like to modify the mapping so I can add different sounds for twisted hit (rim shot on snare and bell on ride) but as I understand Sensorware only allows this in the Android version… when will it be possible on iOS? Why it’s not the same version for both systems?

Also if someone knows how to set the mapping on EZDrummer… I get a second splash when hitting the by default high tom position above the snare.

Thanks for your help!


Modifying the mapping is possible if you have a proper Vst for it, I searched a lot about midi mapping on EZDrummer and found out that it requires some external software for that and also found out that midi mapping is easier in Superior drummer which is also from the same developer team toontrack which made ezdrummer.

I currently use Addictive Drums 2 and by far i have found it to have the easiest midi mapping method.


Hi guys, just now found this topic in the forum! Glad to see that some of you could figure out all the undocumented stuff :slight_smile: I’ll make a change in the Android Sensorware to make it possible to enable these “experimental” features in the official version as well, it doesn’t make any sense to have all this in the beta only I think.

As to the Sensorware-on-IOS issue: We really working on moving all these things into the cross-platform Unity app that we’ll release soon, so Sensorware for Android is sort of only the prototyping platform for new features, and the only reason for that is that I myself happen to be an Android dev and don’t know IOS :slight_smile:


The beta 11 works great! I spent 4 straight hours playing through Win10 and superior drummer 2.

I managed to mix Spotify and SD2 via VB audio Voicemeeter while still using ASIO and having low latency.

What an experience!! :slight_smile:

Would be awesome having also Twist to Right MIDI output :slight_smile:


can anyone repost the beta 11 apk please? the one on google drive is corrupt and i’m actually getting quite annoying of the crash sounding when i’m hitting the hi hat


I try to setup it I need help, I can’t ear anythings