Sensoreware in Windows [Ongoing]


Nice tp play on windows only it wood be nice if i can update my sensors also .
And i dont have a smartphone to expensive and also no friend ho can borough it from .
so im stuck .


Thank you for the feedback. We do not have a workaround for this at the time. I will check with the team to see how we can better assist you.


I was wondering you can connect the sensors with a cable to charge the sensors , is there a way to connect the sensors with a cable to the windows computer to update the sensors .


You can only update the sensors using Sensorware for iOS or Android.


I updated my sensors with the help of a friend , but now i have the next problem .
If i twist my drumstick to play open hihat or ride instead of the crash it dosnt work anymore .


Hey that is good to hear.

When you have an issue with the kit not playing what is displayed we recommend reconnecting the sensors in the app and sending the congifuration to the sensors.

Resending the configuration is as easy as pressing the drum icon on the top right and then the check mark after.

Let us know if you are still having issues.


Hi i was to fast with my reply .
I even found out now that if you twist the stick above the snare you get the rim nice.
now it makes playing more great fun .
everithing runs good now thanks for the support .


I wonder if it’s possible to update the sensors using the app on an Android emulator (running on a computer). I’ve never tested one with Bluetooth enabled, but it seems like that could work.