Sensors can't be found


I wanted to play my freedrum set again after I left them for a long time. Now I can’t connect them to any device, not to the computer and not to any smartphone I used.
I can still turn them on and charged the batteries but somehow either no sensor or only 1-2 of them can be found.

Any ideas?

I am just giving you my experience that even might not help you at all.
When I connect freedrum to more than one device, it happens.
My first laptop was running in the bed room which is already connected with freedrum.
My second laptop had a hard time to connect freedrum.
I realized the first laptop was on.
I turned it off.
The problem solved.

When you connect freedrum to the Bluetooth device list, try turning it on and off.
However, it is not natural and something is wrong if it does not connect them flawlessly.

Thanks for that :wink:

But it’s not my problem, unfortunately :confused:

What device are you trying to connect to? What OS is it running? How many sensors are you trying to connect to your device?