Sensors not being read


I am new to freedrum, and aware this issue has been raised in the past, but it was last raised over a year ago so I wondered if there might be some changes or be updates on the topic.

I have a Huawei Honor 10, with the most up-to-date Android, Sensorware, and Freedrum softwares (Android 7…, V7, etc).
One of my sensors is picked up by the Sensorware app and connected. The rest don’t get picked up at all. However, everything works on my OnePlus 3 and iPad.

How do I get all my sensors to be read by my Huawei Honor 10?


Hello Aman,

We have seen that the sensors have an issue connecting on Huawei. We can recommend checking your bluetooth settings. Reinstall the apps. Power down your phone and start the process again.

Do you have any other Bluetooth devices connected in the settings? Sometimes devices can only handle a certain amount of devices.


Thanks for your quick reply. I did what you suggested - reinstalled the apps and rebooted the phone. Only the sensors seems to connect (which is the same as before). No other Bluetooth connections are active.

Anything else I can try?


When you are in the Freedrum app with the 3d drum kit are you able to see anything come up when you press connections?


What do you mean 3rd drum kit?
Sorry for the delayed response, I went off freedrum for a bit as work for in the way.


Hey Aman,

Not 3rd, but 3D visually.