Sensors stopped working properly

Hello - I’ve had my freedom “kit” for a while now and found it to be fun to jam, although I haven’t found a way to use in real situations yet. I hadn’t touched the sticks in a while, but recently picked up and the sensors don’t seem to be triggering properly. In the sensor ware app, it shows activity - but within both Garageband and the new Freedrum app - it barely triggers any sound and definitely not in the right areas. The only thing that has changed in my setup is that I updated my iOS to 11.4. I have two pairs of sticks - one pair is at the current firmware level and one has not been upgraded. they used to work fine, any thoughts on what has changed?

I have the same problem. They used to work fine most of the time with GarageBand. Sometimes I had to recalibrate them, but since the last few weeks, they are out of position after a few seconds which is really really annoying.


I see that this thread has not been active for a while now but I picked up my freedrum sensors recently to try out some beats out. I have not touched them for at least a year. I updated the firmware and connected them to MacOS midi and tried them out in logic.

The sensors are connected correctly but are behaving very strange. They pick up every 5th or 10th hit and does not seem to react on velocity. I try to hit only snare or only tom drum but it is almost impossible to play anything. The harder I hit they seem to react but very unpredictable.

I don’t know how to proceed and where to turn for help. So I thought I check here.

Is it possible that the gyro function in the sensors becomes faulty if not used regularly? Any other ideas on how to fix this problem?

I remember no problems play a beat before this.

You have the same problem as i have after the firmware update only by me 1 of the 4 sensors dont react on windows 10 pc on the smartphone it works well its purely the firmware update .

Strange! For me none of the 4 sensors works on neither MacOS or iOS. Still they react on everything. Only they just seem to pick up hits randomly. Approximately they pickup 20% of the hits. Although they react correctly when switch drum. In example between snare and tom.

If it is the firmware update, shouldn’t more customers have the same problem?

Whenever the hits are not registering that means the sensor is either rotating around while playing or the sensor is on the sticks the wrong way around. For an example here are 2 images of how it should and shouldnt be.

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A very common mistake haha