Sensors stopped working properly


Hello - I’ve had my freedom “kit” for a while now and found it to be fun to jam, although I haven’t found a way to use in real situations yet. I hadn’t touched the sticks in a while, but recently picked up and the sensors don’t seem to be triggering properly. In the sensor ware app, it shows activity - but within both Garageband and the new Freedrum app - it barely triggers any sound and definitely not in the right areas. The only thing that has changed in my setup is that I updated my iOS to 11.4. I have two pairs of sticks - one pair is at the current firmware level and one has not been upgraded. they used to work fine, any thoughts on what has changed?


I have the same problem. They used to work fine most of the time with GarageBand. Sometimes I had to recalibrate them, but since the last few weeks, they are out of position after a few seconds which is really really annoying.