Sensorware Beta


For those of you who can’t install the Android app there’s now a new beta for testing here:

This one is only meant for people whose devices don’t support MIDI, notably some Huawei phones (P9 Lite etc.)

Tested Android Devices

I installed this because my phone told me an update was available. How do I reverse it and go back to v8? I can report that
a) the hi-hat open sound has gone completely
b) the ride cymbal sound has gone completely
c) the floor tom and hi tom are reversed - the floor tom is on the “upper” sound layer … but this has been a problem in the previous version of the software as well, as described elsewhere in the forums by others.


Is there any possibility that you will make the android app compatible with phones using Android 5.0 ?


with the beta version, and moto g4 plus, I noticed the middle Tom does not sound and ride either.


It sounds a bit like the drum samples have been corrupted somehow. Try to uninstall the app and then install again, that will also give you the opportunity to opt out of the Beta if you want to.

Android 5.0… yeah, it’s not impossible for us to do that but before Android 6 the latency is so bad on Android that it’s just not going to be usable. Please try to find a way to upgrade.


@august i have uninstalled the software, reinstalled beta 9 from the Play Store from scratch and still have these 3 sound problems …
a) the hi-hat open sound is missing when twisting in the hi hat zone
b) the ride cymbal sound is missing, there is no sound in that some
c) the floor tom and hi tom are reversed - the floor tom is on the “upper” sound layer middle and the hi Tom is in the lower right zone


Uninstalled again, shut down my phone, reinstalled and this time the drum sounds are all there and all in the right places. Don’t know why my earlier uninstall/reinstall cycle didn’t work, but if you have the same, try a few times and include a reboot.


New Beta again today, Beta 11. For those that don’t want to use Play Store for some reason here’s the APK as well:


installed the new version of the apk and firmware, it shows improvement in the chaston, but the application the tom and ride do not sound


Just installed V6 on my stick sensors.
When I chose 10 zones instead of 6, one the sensors does no got to the far left zones ( 6 and 8), and the other one hits zones 6 & 9 but not the 7 & 8 :thinking:. Both far-left and far-right zones give a light blue color to the LED.
I didn’t get the time to fully configure the number of midi. Hopefully someone will provide good configuration on the forum, I don’t really know what to put there, using garageband on macbook mostly.
Thank you FD guys for your perpetual improving :smiley:

Cannot connect to sensors - Samsung s6 Active ( Android 5.1.1 )

I had some inconsistent results with zones the sensors didn’t register in and missing sounds with the new firmware and app. All solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app and then repeating updating of the sensors.


Thanks for the tip. I tried it but I have the same errors, some zones aren’t hit by the sticks.
Here is a capture of the config panel, I even have a 0 value by default.


I had the same, 0 in some of the zones. Took a couple of uninstall, reboot, reinstall cycles for it to behave and have note values in all the zones.

Might be worth doing it a few times until it behaves.


Uninstalling/reinstalling will not affect this. Sorry about the non-existing docs for this feature, it’s very beta… Anyway, what happens is this: Every time you hit “6 zones” or “10 zones”, configuration values for ALL the zones of the sensor are sent to it.

Each zone is configured with 3 parameters: horizontal angle, vertical angle and midi note. For “6 zones”, the midi note of zones not used are simply set to 0 which disables that zone.

It might be, however, that due to the flaky Bluetooth implementation in Android, all these configuration values don’t reach the sensor. That seems to be the case in the screenshot above. If you hit “10 zones” again, all the zone configs will be sent to the sensor once more. If this doesn’t solve the issue, that usually means that Bluetooth on your phone has become unstable somehow. Sometimes, restarting the app or turning off/on Bluetooth on your phone solves the issue but many times a very hard reboot is the only thing that fixes it: Turn off phone, leave it turned off for a few seconds, turn it on.

One other thing worth to try is the new “Forget” menu option in the sensor detail screen. That removes pairing information and forces the phone to create a new bond to the sensor next time it connects. That sometimes helps.


Thanks August, forgot to mention Forget … I used that in amongst the other things I tried. Good to understand how it all works and what will/won’t make a difference :+1:


I have this problem with just 1 sensor out of the 4 I purchased, so I simply decided to set it as foot sensor. The other 3 work fine so I can play alright :smiley:


When can we expect the 10 zones update in ios,i know its in beta phase,but will there be any sensorware beta for ios to so that people with ios could also test it :grinning:


“Pretty soon” is the best I can tell you. But it’s also only fair that for once Android users get something better than those Apple fan boys :slight_smile:


Hahaha :grin: Yup ok will wait for it then :grinning:


I have downloaded the sensorware Beta.
And updated all.but the left hand drum playing the sound.; snare and hi-hat.but the Tom 2.can not sound.and during playing, the Senosorware appl.
stopped suddenly.
Whats wrong with this problems.
I have the galaxy note 4.
If not playing,must changed the New phone(galaxy S8).
Please help my problems.