Sensorware Beta


@august @Philip :point_left: poke-poke
it’s the first week after easter holidays of course, but we’re waiting for any updates impatiently :smiley:


Yeah guys, sorry about the delay, and thanks for the patience. I’m almost sure I’ll have something for you tomorrow.

[Ongoing] Drifting on drumsticks? Any workaround?
[Ongoing] Positioning drums in Freedrum app

Alright folks, we’ll have the real “beta” of this webapp on monday, but I’m gonna give you a little teaser just because you’ve been so patient with me. NOTICE: This is not “production quality” by any means, you use it at your own risk. It works ONLY in the Google Chrome browser for now, I’ve tried on Linux, OSX and Android (I suspect it doesn’t work on IOS).

How to use:

  • Connect a sensor to your preferred device the usual way for that platform.
  • Bring up a chrome browser and go to the below url.
  • In the dropdown at the top select your freedrum sensor.
  • Hit one of the “send preset” buttons and pray.
  • Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

For those brave enough, the url is


Will try it out tomorrow.


I can see the zones in the browser, but i can’t play them in sersorware.


mm what do you mean “play them in sensorware”?
What this tool does is it sets the certain presets to your sensor, whether it’s 6 zones or 10 zones. And then it shows you which note is set for which zone. But as I see there is no way to change the notes yet, it’s all hardcoded in the presets.


I hoped there was already more.


Any news August? or thats it? in the end it didnt work for me, but as you said that was a little teaser I figured the project still ongoing.


Oh, it’s ongoing, we’ll add more stuff continually, and also @Asgvard did his own version of it with some more features. But tell us, what didn’t work for you? It should already be quite usable.


You can try this one out, it has a feature to change any note on your sensor:
It’s my unofficial version as August mentioned, so no guarantees :slight_smile: but it worked pretty well for me. It detects sensors dynamically when you connect/disconnect them, also you can connect multiple sensors at the same time and then select one by one to change their settings.
It reads current settings (takes a while since it’s separate MIDI command per note/setting), then you can change notes and/or sensor global settings with “<” and “>” buttons, then click Save.
Tested on Chrome Desktop only, probably wouldn’t work on mobiles as the UI is not very responsive to different screen sizes.


Thanks I will try as soon as i get home!!!


My problem was that i connected on pc but there wasn’t any sensor detected on the browser app.
Lets see how it goes with Asgvard version.
I hope it works :smiley:

Thanks for the feed back August!!


Hi again Asgvard, can you help me?
I connected my sensor on windows but the webapp still “No sensors Found”.
Is there anything im missing?



just tried myself on Windows and indeed, it seems it doesn’t detect MIDI devices even when sensors are connected. I’m usually using Mac. But I will have a look later on a weekends and try to make it work on Windows too. The problem is that it uses browser MIDI API, which relies on the devices reported by the system, so probably Windows doesn’t report it correctly.


Okay, thanks for the heads up! Ill do it tomorrow at work on my mac.


Thanks a lot, I will also try to change the midi settings asap !

Cheers :v:


On Mac works like a charm!!! thanks very much Asgvard :smiley:
I still didn’t touch the sensitivity stuff… any tips?

Thanks again


Probably you need the Korg Midi driver on windows to have the sensors detected correctly (see windows 10 installation icm Reaper). I will try it this weekend.


My sensors work fine on windows i have Korg, and It doens’t work…
A friend did manage to make it work yesterday using NrF Connections and then the webapp would detect the sensors on windows…


I usually set sensitivity of the sticks to 10 and foot to 30.
I’ve also set the “ref drum window” to be 10, which means that the drumkit will start the “correcting drifting” earlier, after you hit certain pad 10 times. Default value was 40, which means you need to hit the same pad 40 times. Which is maybe ok for the left hand and Snare drum, since you hit it all the time, but for the right hand it’s a bit too much when you hit different cymbals.