Sensorware Beta


Thanks I will try as soon as i get home!!!


My problem was that i connected on pc but there wasn’t any sensor detected on the browser app.
Lets see how it goes with Asgvard version.
I hope it works :smiley:

Thanks for the feed back August!!


Hi again Asgvard, can you help me?
I connected my sensor on windows but the webapp still “No sensors Found”.
Is there anything im missing?



just tried myself on Windows and indeed, it seems it doesn’t detect MIDI devices even when sensors are connected. I’m usually using Mac. But I will have a look later on a weekends and try to make it work on Windows too. The problem is that it uses browser MIDI API, which relies on the devices reported by the system, so probably Windows doesn’t report it correctly.


Okay, thanks for the heads up! Ill do it tomorrow at work on my mac.


Thanks a lot, I will also try to change the midi settings asap !

Cheers :v:


On Mac works like a charm!!! thanks very much Asgvard :smiley:
I still didn’t touch the sensitivity stuff… any tips?

Thanks again


Probably you need the Korg Midi driver on windows to have the sensors detected correctly (see windows 10 installation icm Reaper). I will try it this weekend.


My sensors work fine on windows i have Korg, and It doens’t work…
A friend did manage to make it work yesterday using NrF Connections and then the webapp would detect the sensors on windows…


I usually set sensitivity of the sticks to 10 and foot to 30.
I’ve also set the “ref drum window” to be 10, which means that the drumkit will start the “correcting drifting” earlier, after you hit certain pad 10 times. Default value was 40, which means you need to hit the same pad 40 times. Which is maybe ok for the left hand and Snare drum, since you hit it all the time, but for the right hand it’s a bit too much when you hit different cymbals.


thank you very much for the webapp. It is really nice to have a possibility to change the settings so easily.

I am using windows 10 and I found that the webapp only works when I do the following.

  1. Remove the sensors from the bluetooth device list
  2. Reboot
  3. Connect each sensor one after the other via bluetooth
  4. Now the sensors can be configured using the webapp on chrome.

After turning the sensors off and on again the webapp is not working anymore and I have to do the procedure again which is kind of annoying but still better than programming the sensors via Reapers midi send.


I did get some problems running the @Asgvard web config myself, and I added a few tweaks to the original as well and that works better for me on OSX at least. Would be interesting to see if you get the same problems there, head over to to try it out


What’s going on!!! I recently purchased a kit and the galaxy s9 supports midi but I only found the beta app. Is there another I could use?


Hello Johnny,

That is the only app available at this time. We are currently working on the new Freedrum app for Android as we speak.


Hello there! Im trying to run both config sites on android chrome and on windows 10 and neither works. The one from august doesn’t open at all. Asgards doesn’t detect sensors on windows, but does detect on android. But gives me “loading failed, try again” error


I’m trying it on chrome for mac and getting the same error. Always returns “Loading Failed”
It does add a new sensor as I connect each sensor (starts with two before I connect any)


I had the same Problem using Windows and I found out that it works eben I do the following.

  1. Remove the sensors from the bluetooth device list
  2. Reboot
    Connect the first Sensor. Dont turn it Off afterwards
  3. Start the webapp.

I hope it works for you aswell.

Best regards


Thanks, Bast! It turns out my korg midi driver went bad and even reaper didn’t detect sensors. So I just reinstalled the driver and now both web config apps work! thanks!


Finally i managed to get the web app working on my laptop and set the sensors to 10 zone.
I notice that the left crash and China are not supported in the android Sensorware. Set left and right upper zone to right crash to have two crashes.
Is someone using left and right tom and how are they mapped?


Can someone make a little tutorial about Asgvards config site? What does each number represent and collection of tones