Short Freedrum Survey


Hello Freedrumers,

Our close friend and colleague Niki who has helped out with Freedrum would like to get some information for our customers on sustainability. If you have a moment please fill out the survey below. Here is a introduction from Niki with more information. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi to all awesome Freedrummer!
My name is Niki and I’m an undergraduate student in Graphic Design. I’m doing my thesis on branding, sustainability and package design and I want to research how Freedrum can challenge the way their packaging is done today. Did you know that Freedum’s package right now is from 70% recycled cardboard? Help me with some questions so I can design a cool concept worthy of the Freedrum community’s lifestyle! Thank you!

All answers will be anonymous and will not be shared with any third party.

LINK to Survey:

Thank you for your support and time.

  • Freedrum Team & Niki