Show Us How You Use Freedrum

We are being sent many videos and links of users playing Freedrum. Here is the place to upload your own videos and show us your skills!

Feel free to share here.

For Example:

Freedrum Unboxing, Setup & Playing.


Awesome that you got this forum online! :slight_smile:

Here’s an outdoor video of me playing some light metal stuff with Freedrum:

More about to come!


haha that’s mine :smiley: my first YT video. Freedrum actually inspired to start doing this.
Looking forward for an iOS update to avoid drifting.
Going to make some covers soon, stay tuned.

That’s how I “use” it at the moment.
No Android, no Win 10.
Rest in peace, dear sensors.

Edit : After I got the solution by the devs with the KORG BLE-MIDI driver, Freedrum is now out of the box and ALIVE !
YEAH ! :+1:


hey Dmitriy,
which Iphone are you using in the video?

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@wildandfree sounds comes from MacBook GarageBand, SoCal kit. For camera - iPhone 6S and my zero filming skills since I forgot Youtube is not the best place for Portrait videos :smiley:

Btw just uploaded a short video that might be helpful for the ones who playing kick drum with heel up technique:


this is amazing… my sensors seemed to have problems when trying to produce fills on the snare. cause it seemed that one sensor which would be used before the fill as ride cymbal, wouldnt adapt fast enough to the snare area during the fill

I did a short recording with Reaper on Windows 10, have a look over here :slight_smile: Working extremely nice!

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Hello I am Suchdeep Juneja from India.
I have made this unboxing ,setup and demo video.
Hope you all like it :smile:
FREEDRUM Unboxing,Setup and Airdrumming Demo](

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We are working on some website updates at the moment,
and we would love to have a montage of everyone here playing
Freedrum. Please let me know if you DON’T want us to use your

But if you want to be featured - please post your videos here!


Is there a deadline for sending in new videos? :wink:
Would love to provide you guys with one more.

No pressure! But as soon as possible :wink:


Would Like to join the video as soon as my Freedrum will arrive!
Wait for me!:pray:


I will be more than happy if you use my clip :smile:
My clip playing freedrum is in my unboxing video ,will it be ok or i need to send just my freedrum playing clip to you?

Theeere you go @Fredrik :wink:

Edit: New video in better quality!


Here’s my freedrum review video! I already got you guys a sale from one of my friends! Hire me for your marketing team? :slight_smile:


With Logic Pro it is working really well.
Are you connecting your mac with bluetooth speaker or headphones?
That might be causing lag.

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Yes haha that sounds like a good idea! The team saw the video and we loved it thanks for this! :slight_smile:

Nope, no speakers or headphones. Granted - I didn’t troubleshoot that much either :).