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First sketchy cover with a 10 zones setup


Are you using GarageBand to program the sensors? That can’t all be just from Sensorware, right?

Great video!


You can assign any sound to any position using midi mapping modes in garage band or logic pro,also there are drumming VSTs available,some of them are paid and some are free where you can easily assign midi notes with the desired sound you want.

I currently use addictive drums 2 VST which has a great sound library and MIDI mapping is also very easy,so i can assign any sound i want that is available in the library to any available positions of the freedrum :grinning:


Do you got a Guide to remap the Midi configuration in GarageBand? YouTube just shows up Crap :frowning:


The only step that has something to do with programming sensors - is setting MIDI notes in the Sensorware Android with the 10 zones mode. E.g. Sensor Pad Mapping

Then I’ve used Macbook + Reaper + Power Drums for recording and Windows laptop + Reaper + Superior drums for final mix. The reason for that is Macbook is lighter, built-in Bluetooth and audio adapter latency is very low, Power Drums is free and has enough sounds to play with 2 crash, china, splash cymbals. So I can play and hear all these cymbals etc. But for final version I want more fine-grained options, which Power Drums doesn’t have, so I’m exporting MIDI, importing to a Windows laptop where I have Superior Drummer with a huge amount of sounds samples and mixing options.

Long story short - your sensor only emits a MIDI note that set in Sensorware 10 zones mode in Android (it’s not available yet on iOS, so get an Android device or ask a friend to use one for this setup). Then you need a VST plugin to at least hear all these 10 different sounds, which is in my case Reaper + Power Drums.

Power Drums:

I’m pretty sure GarageBand doesn’t have custom MIDI mapping thing.


Nevermind, thank you for your detailed description.

I may also have found a variant for all iOS- and GarageBand enthusiasts:

As a supplement: the visual keyboard can be faded in on any instrument. You will notice if you play freedrums while it is open, the keys will be pressed by your strokes.

I haven’t tried it yet, but in case of doubt the only challenge is to come up with .wav-files. In this case Google can give you all you need.

In reaper it’s quite simple, you just have to change the position (perhaps interpreted as a note) of, for example, a ride cymbal, with a China Crash.

I posted the following screenshot a few times in the forum, just to give you an example:

Alex explained everything in his Tutorial on how to set up reaper here:

(Leave a like if @Alex_Incensus tutorial has helped you.)

The setup is the same in both Windows and OS X.


Thank you all so much for the information! I do have an Android (Galaxy S7 Edge) and PC, so I’m going to look into Reaper, Superior Drums, and Addictive Drums 2.



Hey everyone.
If you head over to (on desktop) and scroll down a little bit, you’ll see that we have made
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This may be the greatest day of my life.


Is there a YouTube link that I can show my friends?

*that I can show my parents.


Yesterday, first “real” day of using Freedrums, I played almost an hour with it. I have to be careful though, i got little pain in wrist at the end of the session, probably because there is no real rebound so the wrist muscle takes it all.

My config :
Freedrum with an IPhone 6S + Garageband => Mixer => Monitors (Adam A5x)
This is the sound recorded with my Cellphone (Sony Z5) in the room

I think Freedrum can really be a usefull tool, here’s how I see it :
1/ Using Freedrum at home to practice quietly, mostly to discover, learn and memorize song’s drum parts
2/ Using a real practice drumpad to work rudiments
3/ Rehearsing solo on real drums to improve feeling, touch, clean playing…

The “1/” with freedrum will probably save a lot of time, which will be usefull in “3/” to really focus on feeling and not on memorizing drum parts of the song you cover.



Very Nice. I love that song! :wink:


Nice. What drum kit/ sounds are you using?