Show Us How You Use Freedrum


Short Sticks, Renoise, FD and a 4.0 Bluetooth.
A lot of trial and error.
Some decent playing possible. Drifting driving me crazy.


What better way to unwind after a long 3 days of riding for Southern Cross Kids Camp charity, through beautiful Launceston Tasmania. 1 day to go.


Lisdillon - Little Swanport Tasmania. Old Shepherds cottage. Little Australian hidden gem!



It’s been a while, but my new Bose S1 Pro is an awesome addition to the Freedrum experience.
Absolutely love it!!



That Bose unit sounds nice! How do you connect to it?


You can connect via 3rd input on S1 Pro, which is a dedicated auxiliary/Bluetooth input. There would obviously be a lag via Bluetooth, so I connected via 3.5mm aux cable to the phone. On the 3rd channel only a master channel volume, but still sounds very good. No lag at all. Sounds great and I’m very happy. Perfect for Freedrum, and many other things. Also got the lithium battery so portable too.


Looks and sounds perfect for my use case. Did you compare against other ultra portable PA solutions?


No, didn’t try against other portable PA’s, but I’d been eyeing this since it’s launch, especially for potential with Freedrum. When I tried in the store, no lag with Freedrum, ground sound with Bluetooth music and my electric acoustic guitar, coupled with battery I was sold. There are probably some other good PA options, JBL, Yamaha etc if you have time to try them all. Depends what you’re after too, but I’m really happy with this one.


Thanks again for the info.



DTXMania with FreeDrums during holiday season.
Lots of fun!


perdono più in fretta la connessione di quanto si riesca a suonare pazzesco


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