Smaller Sticks For People For People On The Move!


Understandable that this is not to everyone’s taste but I thought i’d Share regardless.

I Managed to get these little beauties on eBay (2 pair for less than £2). At 25 cm long they are a perfect little extra for people packing light on the commute. Nice to hold and the freedrums fit nicely also. Have tried and tested and I have had no problems when playing my freedrums with them. Needless to say, I’ll be packing these when I go on holiday :slight_smile:

Shorter Freedrum Sticks - Travel Version

Yes, at first glance, perhaps strange, but more thoughtfully, I think these drumards were specially invented for Freedrum!


I like the short sticks! Perfect for always bringing freedrum set around .
I am looking for it in Amazon etc. in Japan where I live, but can’t find them.
But other than freedrum use, I wonder what was the original use of these sticks?
Accessory or something?


I found mine on eBay, delivered from China. They must be from some small child’s snare drum play set.


Toy! Aha! That makes sense! Thank you!


Very interesting! <3