[Solved] Android without MIDI - how can I use my Freedrum sticks efficiently?


Apologies in case this has been discussed elsewhere, I looked hard but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Basically, I have installed Sensorware on my Android 6.0 phone and the sensors do work okay (Bluetooth connection works, sticks are recognized, and they produce sounds). But the high latency means that my beats lose precision and drumming quickly turns into mush. For practicing my paradiddles its response is simply too slow, and I don’t see a way to play along with songs either, as Sensorware does not provide any such functionality.
So currently the sticks are pretty much useless to me. My questions therefore; will the latency issues be fixed in the future (Is there a fix already? Or do I need to buy a iOS device?? NOO!), and is there a way to play along with songs?
As most forum users seem to have a considerable IT and/or programming background, which I don’t have, I am a bit lost… so any help appreciated.



The latency is unfortunately not something we can fix. It’s a limitation with many Android devices and not the Freedrum sensors or Sensorware. You can also try to connect your Sensors to a computer.


I picked up a second hand iPhone 4S for £30 on eBay, garageband works on it ok.


That’s great news, I have an iPhone 5 but garageband doesn’t work, can’t download it as it says not compatible, upgraded the software to 9.3.5 and still won’t work, what ios do you have on that old iPhone?


9.3.5 like yourself and it worked. Do a search on the girls for related posts, there’s at least one other where someone couldn’t get it, then sorted it. For me I had to “get” the garageband app on my macbook so I didn’t have the not compatible error, then on the iPhone I was able to install and it choose the earlier version that was compatible with 9.3.5.