[Solved] Anybody have used the sensors with Addictive Drums 2?

Hi guys!!!..just received today my Freedrum 4 sensors kit, on my smart phone works, but not as well as I’d like…but I have Windows 10, Superior Drummer 3 and Addictive Drums 2, I don’t know how to make the sensors work on Windows…can anybody help me or send threads to find out how to???..I’ll be very greatful…cheers!!!


I think if you read this guide you should be able to understand and setup other daw’s and vst’s with Freedrum

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You solved the problem? Addictive drums only detect one of the 4 sensors.


First of all, the Sensoreware software used to work once and once only. after that, it never launched anymore.

So, after a lot of research and tests I managed to sucsessfuly connect Freedrum to Reaper using KORG BLE driver and the MIDIBerry app on the Microsoft Store. It is only with this little app that I’ve managed to connect the sensors to W10 bluetooth. Otherwise it would only stay paired but not connected.

So great but if I want to play only on addictive drums 2, only the sensors numberd as zéro (0) in MIDIBerry is active in AD2. Frustrating…

I think , as AD2 list four Midi inputs with the name (FD2 v9) that the sensors aren’t differenced by the software. In fact when I tick just one input, the all four of them are ticked automatically.

Maybe if our developers make each sensors as individuals, Addictive Drums would see four different midi inputs and not a group of siblings.

Voilà voilà.

Do we have any idea if the developers are even alive? This forum has almost zero activity, and I’ve tried talking to the developers with no response because I just can’t seem to get Freedrums to work with Reaper. I followed the guide and everything, and the best I got was a reply from a moderator (I think) to just follow the guide - even though I’m fairly confident I did, and did it right.

So my Freedrums have just been sitting on my desk collecting dust. I’d love to use them, but I’d like more freedom with how my drums sound than the app gives me. I’ve even thought about somehow seeing if getting a Windows 10 version of Garageband is possible. (Is, but illegal) to see if that program will work instead.



I play everyday day since I found how to connect the sensors to Reaper. It’s true that it seems that the devs aren’t I interested at all of how we can play real sounding drums win Windows.

Do you want me to make a video guide ?