[Solved] Best way to use midi


Hi !

Is there any possibilty, with sensorware on iOs (Iphone 6S), to send MIDI information to a DAW on another platform (PC on Windows 10) ? Natively or with a 3d party app ?

Freedrums works very well with the iPhone and Garageband, but I don’t really like the drums in Garageband (for example I didn’t found any way to mix the crash lower, and the hihat higher ?)

Moreover, I would love to use freedrums to record some drum parts in my DAW (Reaper on Windows 10), ideally not the raw Garageband sound, but the midi, so I could :

  • change sounds
  • mix drum elements
  • quantize / correct wrong hits, etc…
    I did it directly by using the sensors as midi devices in W10, but with my configuration (Bluetooth 4 usb dongle), I have some random lags, it really plays better on the IPhone :frowning:

Any tips / advice ?


Auto reply, I just found this soft which might do the trick ? :

Data sent out by apps to the virtual copy on the iOS device will be piped back via usb, and then sent to the real device on the Mac/Pc. The same is true the other way around. If an app creates a virtual MIDI port (e.G. Animoog), midimux will create a copy of that port on the Mac/Pc, naming it ‘Animoog @ iPad’. If an app does not create a virtual MIDI port, midimux always gives the possibility to create virtual ports manually. these can then be used by any apps on any of the iOS devices to pipe data to the Mac/Pc. or other iDevices. or both. and back. at the same time :wink:

I’ll try this, it would be so great if it works !

EDIT : also found this VERY useful post :


Also found this application :

I just tried it (it’s free) but it seems to be unable to detect freedrums sensors, am I the only one who fails ?


This app hasnt been updated since march 2016 so it could have something to do with it.