[Solved] Can't use MIDI on this android device


I love this sticks, that works perfectly on ipad with garageband.

But I’m having trouble when I open sensorware app on Android a popup shows this message:

"Can’t use midi on this android device
this might result in high latency"

And actually when I open g-stomper I can’t find any midi devices.

Anyway I can connect the sticks to senserware, but since g-stomper doesn’t see them I cannot play any sound.

My android version is 7.1.1 (Lieneage OS) my phone is a Samsung 4 mini GT-I9195I


You should get sound right in the sensorware app, no need for g-stomper anymore


Actually yes, they do work properly with sensorware, but in order to change the sound sets I guess need to use Garage Band or a third app. Or do you plan to add this feature in the sensorware app? This would be a killer feature!


Yup, there will be additional drumkits available for download at some point, right in our app.


That’s good to know! Will there also be any chance to set custom sounds?


Don’t think so, not in the nearest future anyway. If you want more fancy stuff you should use another sampler I think.


I have got that the free drum.
I have galaxy note 4.and download the Senorware.
And up date.4 stick have been updated.
But can not just point beat position.
The Tom.hi-hat and the snare pisiton can not do that.How can I arranged that the right position.
Please help your favordble reply.


Hi.I have downloaded the Sensorware Beta.
But the left handed sticks are playing well.
The others one can not playing well.
(The tom 1,2.and snare).
And during the playing stopped the Sensorware appl.
Whats wrong with that.
Must buy the New phone(Compatible with Sensorware appl.).or have the right methods.
Please help my problems.