[Solved] Changing volume

Hi Freedrum people.

I’m using my iPhone and playing through garageband with spotify in the background.

Does anyone know if there Is there a way to change the volume so that garageband is louder than Spotify?


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Garageband has an option where you can increase the overall volume.
Not sure about the exact name and location, but the app settings aren’t that enormous, so you should be able to find it :wink:

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here the setting:

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Wrong order, but still pretty simple.
You can also lower the spotify level to compensate for it.

How can u lower the spotify level, via other device?
Cause its linked with the phone`s volume…

Music app on iPhone 4S (and probably lots of other phones too) has the same problem - the volume there is directly linked to the overall volume controls of the phone. So although you can turn the Freedrum volume down in Garageband, if it’s on max and the music you’re playing too is still too loud, you don’t seem to be able to turn the music track volume down.

Has anyone found a way round this problem?

Thanks to @Fillipio99, here’s a way to do it

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Always happy To help :slight_smile:


I’ve tried with IPad but audio is still under control by Ipad Volume.

Thank you,