[Solved] Freedrum and IOS 11


Is it safe to install IOS 11? Will it work with freedrum?


Did it on 3rd October, everything is fine. Got an iPhone 6s.


By the way, Apple released the new Sensorware Update yesterday!


I checked the update, but my sensors (V5) say that they are already equipped with the latest fimware, however the new sensorware app says that it updates to V6 now. How can I update to v6?


Try to geh them in the Update-State by holding your Sensors till theLEDs turn yellow.


thanks a lot, that worked, however the name of the sensor ist still v5…


Hm, I don’t know. Maybe you bring them the possibility to change their names with the next update or you just forgot it.


So do your Sensors also say v5 after the Update?


I haven’t done an update yet, but I’ll give you a feedback


It does work fine, don’t worry!


Updated. It took a little while for the phone to pick up the new names but it did. Those firmware updates listed for October sound exciting. I can’t wait to be able to edit the midi notes and start working with rimshots, cow bells etc.


I have just updated my sensors via iOS. There were no problems, everything ran smoothly.
I’m on the move on an iPhone 6s.

@Jeff_Ten Where can you check the update schedule?


So do the Sensors say v6?


Yes, I just had to restart sensorware.


@Kevin_Freedrums it was in the release notes for the latest firmware that a set of features were coming October.


Yeah, I already found it and read it.

Thank you very much.