[Solved] Hats and Crash locations too close


Hi Freedrum!

I just got your product two days ago. I’ve tried linking the sensors to both my iPhone 6s and my 2016 Macbook Pro. The product isn’t bad at all. I am excited to use it when I’m on the road with work. But, my complaint is in how close the crash and hat sensor paths seem to be. I keep jumping between them when playing in the area I’d expect to only be dealing with my hats. I also sometimes only get one rack Tom despite GB showing two as an example. I wonder if it’s because these are still relatively new and still have some kinks to work out, or if I’m a rare case and am the only one eperiencing this.

Any support and/or similar stories will be appreciated!

Love your product so far.

Thanks Freedrum!


You’re not the only one commenting about the crash and hi-hat being too close to each other. I’ve created a high prio item to address this. But just a quick tip on a workaround. Try to play with a 10 degree downward angle when playing the hi-hat. Playing like that should make you hit the crash less frequently.

The Sensor’s have six zones. Hi-hat, snare, low tom, crash, hi-tom and ride.

Thanks for your input! :wink:


Hi Fredrik,

I deleted my last post as I wish I had reworded it to sound a little less suggestive. I appreciate your response and appreciate that it’s being addressed. Freedrum has been something I’ve wanted to buy since seeing the kickstarter campaign ad nearly a year ago. I waited until my career told me that I’d have to do a lot of travelling over the next few months. I asked my drum community about Freedrum, wondering if anyone had given it a try. No one responded, most likely because they hadn’t heard of freedrum. I know when I feel this has been nearly perfected that I’ll be sharing your product. I’d love to be a part of the company even. I am in the Royal Canadian Air Force as an avionics technician. So, arguably I’ve got quite the hard career to devote needed time to this company, however, if these few bugs are worked out I’ll gladly share the experience with friends, family and potentially over YouTube as I’d like to start a channel for my newly found passion in drumming. So, having watched all the videos on how these awesome things work, I only have one other concern and that’s with the angle the sticks ought to held when playing a groove. I think if the angle for the snare were more German position over French grip like it’s intended now, these sensors will give you the sales you hoped for and more. The idea is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it myself. Carrying practice pads and worrying about annoying neighbours while on the road is one big obstacle that these beauties are overcoming. Keep up the great work.



Please take a look at this tutorial where Philip explains the angels.

The angels we have right now is by design and have been created to please as many as possible. Of course every drummer have their own style of playing, but it’s also a good thing to remember that Freedrum have its own characteristics as any other instrument.

However, we we do have plans to letting the drummer be able to configure zones and angles by themselves in the future, but unfortunately you have to wait a bit longer until we have that ready.

And thank you for your input. This kind of input is just what we are looking for to improve the over all experience :wink:


Fredrik, the suggestion of playing with an average downward slope is absurd. It also strikes me as dangerous in terms of RSI. In the real world all drummers play Hats at an upward angle. Those that play the edge of the hat, it is quite extreme. The Hat is near the snare, the crash is quite far away and rarely hit. Moving the Hat closer and the Crash to the left is all that is needed here. Please consult with drummers.
And please do not state that the issue is (Solved) it is certainly not. This is a design flaw which your R&D did not pick up on. You have had the best part of a year to fix it. Personally I have given up and requested a return refund. I have had no reply, which is why I have gone public here.


Yeah. Now, I am feeling like that I have throw away my money. This problem has not been solved. I can not play. There must be update to fix this problem immediately.


Check this thread for two tools that can remap drums to hopefully better angles: Sensorware Beta


Thanks August but I am have no intention of moving to another Browser to use some under the bonnet web tool to fix a long running problem you have sold us.
I, we apparently, have no problem playing complex multizone minefields, Ride Snare, three toms. But ever since release, or last Oct, people here have been telling you the crash is in the wrong place. Unplayable. Why can you not simply move it? Nobody is asking for Rezoning, Beta or otherwise. In another thread you claim the Upper Layer, i.e. the Crash, triggers at 50 degrees. It is in fact about 30 degrees. Unplayable. To stop these false claims and denials I have made a rough video.



how can I change the angular position of the drums using these tools? As far as I can see there are only options for Ref. Drum strength, sensitivity and threshold and Trigger mask.

By the way what does the trigger mask do?

Dandan writes that the degrees in the y zone are way smaller than they should be, which is especially annoying for the hi hat and crash.
I looked at the midi commands again and I found the following:

CC 23
With this one you can set the angle of a specific zone. Keep in mind that midi values range from 0-126, we scale this so that 126=360deg. By default, the drums on the lower layer (hihat, snare, floor tom) are at y=0deg and the upper layer (cymbals etc) are at y=50deg

I took some photos on the breaking points between Hi hat and crash and measured them. I found that the crash is not at y=50deg but more at about 35 degrees.

And now it gets interesting. I looked at the midi commands again and if I am not totally wrong a change of one Midi point changes the angle by 0,71 degrees. since:

0 degrees = 0 midi
90 degrees = 126 midi (so 90 divided by 126 = 0,71)
0,71 degrees = 1 midi

Maybe that is a bold suggestion but could it be that you put midi to 50? Because that would result in an angular degree of 35,5 which is what people are complaining about.

To get to y=50 degrees the midi parameter has to be 70 is that correct?

I think it would be great if the beta software though it only works in chrome could be updated so the known midi commands like y=() could be modified.

best regards


Hi DanDan,

the link you posted leads to a googledrive account and there is no video of the problem you mentioned.

Since you are not willing to try the tools in google Chrome this maybe impossible for you but a work around for your Hihat crash problem could be the 10 Zone setting. You could simply put the hi hat on both 50 degree left positions and put the crash to the extra zone on far left.

Best regards


Hi Best. It is not a GoogleDrive. It is a Dropbox Link to a File. It should play directly in any Browser. It does play for me here.
I am quite will to try controls, but as I said, Freedrums will not run on any of my three Macs. I am running it on Garageband. Your controls do not work on iOS. I only have Sensorware iOS. I have not seen those 50 degree things you speak of. Are they in Sensorware iOS. Please let me know if you cannot see the video by email to soundsound@eircom.net. I will send you the file.
As I said only this one issue makes FD unplayable. There are various other issues, but this is the big one.



sorry i meant dropbox. The new link works. The angle is really very low.

I used freedrum on a pretty new Macbookpro and at first i did not get it to find the sensors. I found that the sensorware app is required to even find the sensors, but I am sure you already did install the sensorware app or even both apps.

May I ask what macs you have?

Best regards


Two are inaccessible, renovations. I guess they must all be pre 2012. But in general I get 10-12 years out of a Mac, both Studio, Office, and Domestic Entertainment. The Shop page has now included a ‘compatible’ thing. Pity it wasn’t there when I bought. Thanks for you efforts, but I can run on Sensorware only, So there is no tweaking available. But given that the Ride and three toms work fine, it is gobsmacking that the most used instrument, the Hi Hat, has been dysfunctional since release. This would not be acceptable even in a toy.