[Solved] Hi, I'm playing thru a samsung


Hi, I’m new at this, trying to play thru my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and getting lights but no sound. Any tips?



Can you please be a little bit more clear on what you mean by getting lights ? And are you using Sensorware or some other software ?



did you followed the Instructions on the freedrum Mainpage?

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Hi Fredrik, I think my problem is poor internet service in my area. This might account for Bluetooth not responding sometimes when I start up the sticks. I have not used them anywhere but my home yet. A trip to a receptive internet area will do the trick, I think.
The colours I mentioned were the blinking blue, red, light purple, etc. I have since found the explanation for them in the forum.
Thanks very much for your prompt reply.


Hi. I am still having trouble with my Freedrums. I am getting a delay, the sound is not immediate with the sticks, which means I can’t play along to music. Any advice please?


You are experiencing called latency. Unfortunately quite common on the android platform. There’s a thread about it here:


Okay, I don’t really know what you’re saying (hey, I’m a drummer, after all), but I get the gist that my Samsung won’t successfully play the sticks. Do I need to use a phone to play or can I just go through another kind of Bluetooth device?


The latency is the time it takes from the signal being sent to the sound card until you actually hear a sound.

Freedrum supports midi over bluetooth low energy. So you can use them with any hardware that supports midi over bluetooth. Most Android devices support it, but with varying latency. iOS performs very well, Mac OSX too. There is also thread here on the forum explaining how to set them up on windows.


Wow. First, let me thank you for getting this info to me, I genuinely appreciate your time and experience with this. However, the problem is, I understood about half of what was in those instructions, I think I will have to give the whole kit and kaboodle over to an IT nerd and just say, “make it so”. I have very little understanding of technical stuff, like I said, I am a drummer, and my wife thought these sticks might be fun.
There was so much jargon in that link you sent, I didn’t even know existed, but the good thing is that people like you do know, I just need to find one I can hand it over to, so I’m still feeling confident the sticks might work yet. Or maybe just go back to tapping on the table. I’m 60 and technology has blown way out my window.
Again, thanks for your help, we’ll see how it goes.
Cheers, Willow