[Solved] How can I use pedals with MacOS?


Hi everyone,
I need help to understand some things.

The question is: I’m already playing my freedrum with Macbook, but I bought two plus sensors for feet and with Garage Band I cant use them.
I saw in other posts that we can set foot pedal only in Sensorware App. But I have an android phone and the latency on it is not good. Because this I prefer use freedrum on Macbook.

So I started to search on youtube and found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n4goxHSpeI

This guy play very well with more hit spots than the basic setup.
I saw he explaining on commentaries what he did to play like that. But its not so clear, I cant understand some things.

First > in one commentary he said that he use Sensorware App on Android + Reaper + Power Drumkit, but Reaper and Power Drumkit are Desktop Softwares, not mobile apps. How can he connect Sensorware App Android with these two softwares?

Second > in other commentary he said that he use Macbook + Reaper + Power Drums, I will try this too. Maybe with this setup can I use the sensors on feet?

Please help me with this questions, I’m still frusted with freedrum because I only did the basic with it and I wanna play with an advanced setup (2 crashs, china, 2 pedals, etc…) and I know it can be possible.

Last thing I want to say is that would be very good if anyone who have success with this different setups, create a tutorial or a guide to configure this “custom setups” with freedrum and post on freedrum forum.

Would be better if the tutorial to configure this “custom setups” was documented on freedrum site or freedrum forum by the freedrum team like an officially documentation, cause the official documentation its very basic and dont say about this possibilities to use others softwares with freedrum.

Thanks in advance!!



You can use your phone to config the sensors. Then to connect them to your macbook, please follow this guide :wink:




Foot pedal should work fine when you just set your sensors as “Foot sensor” in Sensorware app. Then Garage Band will “listen” to them as to kick drum. By default, the sensor doesn’t know if you want to use it as foot pedal or not.

When it comes to different setups, it’s important to understand that Sensorware is the app for configuring your sensors. That’s it. It doesn’t produce sounds, it just teaches your sensors to produce MIDI notes depended on the “virtual zone”. It has nothing to do with the app you’ll be playing them later on.
So the reason why you need Android Sensorware is because only Android version has an interface to set 10 zones for your sensors. When you connect your sensor to Android Sensorware app, you’ll see three dots at the top right corner. Click them, then you can access MIDI menu. It will look like in this post where I’ve described my MIDI notes setup:

So you performs this operation with your 2 sticks sensors. Then set your 2 foot sensors as “Foot Sensors”. And after this is done, you should have 10 zones. Far left = dark blue, left = green, middle = light blue, right = purple, far right = dark blue. If it works, you can quit Sensorware and forget about it for now :slight_smile: It has nothing to do with Mac or Windows or Reaper or Garageband.

And now we came to a completely separate part of the process, is what to do with the sensors after they’re set up :slight_smile: So any DAW (e.g. Reaper) has a way to listen for MIDI notes. You have just to connect sensors as a MIDI input devices to the DAW (digital audio workstation). To hear the sounds you need a plugin to convert your MIDI notes into a real sound. This is where Power Drumkit kicks in.
There is a very detailed guide about how to setup the Reaper with Power Drumkit on Windows (it’s pretty much the same on Mac):

So to sum up:

  1. Sensorware on Android to set 10 zones and correspondent MIDI notes
  2. Reaper + Power Drumkit to play and hear the sounds. No matter on Mac or Windows

I know everyone has different understanding from the beginning, so try to grasp it with the all the information here :wink:


Hi @Fredrik

Thank you for your reply, I tried this and it works!!
Sorry, my bad. When I was creating a Empty Project on Garage Band, I was choosing Drums on ‘Choose a track type’ option.
Now I tried again and choose Software Instrument and foot sensor worked very well.

PS: I’m not frusted anymore :sweat_smile: because I can play a simple drum kit with no delay on my macbook.
Next step is try to configure advanced setup like @Asgvard
Thank you so much!!


Just to be sure since i don’t want to spend my money without knowing this.
The 10 drum configurations is done in Android because the app is able to configure 10 drums.

The iOS version isn’t able to do this 10 drum configuration?


Currently even Android app doesn’t have it. When it got updated to the latest version, this 10 zones “alpha feature” was removed. Coolest feature ever…


Mmm what a bummer. I mean seven pieces is not a bad kit. I think i have to think more on doing this purchase.