[Solved] iOS Garageband download on older hardware

Hi all,

I have an iPod Touch 5th gen. It has iOS 9.3.5. I thought I could not install Garageband because it requires iOS 10.3. However, there is a way to do this, so here it is in case others are having the same problem.

  1. Using a macbook or similar desktop type computer and using the same AppleID account as what is on your iphone, ipod, ipad, touch etc., log into the iTunes Store and “Get” Garageband. You don’t have to install it on the device.

  2. back on the device (in my case iPod Touch 5th gen), go to the App Store, search for Garageband, and click on Get for Garageband if it isn’t already showing as yours. It will ask if you want to download a previous version or something like that. Click yes, and it works! … or at least it did for me. Just downloading it now, will post what the results are like when it’s all installed.

Freedrum Devs, although this works for me, for people who don’t have access to another computer in order to do this, any chance of building samples into the iOS Sensorware app like in the Android version so that those of us with slightly older … but not that old … iOS equipment where we can’t get Garageband to install can play our Freedrums?



Results are … Brilliant! Took a few goes to get Garageband to find and connect all the sensors, but once recognised, everything works fine :grinning:

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Just putting it out there that apparently this method of getting Garageband to download on older devices may not work from the latest Apple update onwards.

See this comment …

Hey there. Ive been trying that for about 2 weeks now but its not working anymore it seems, even with the app downloaded on my computer. I can’t seem to find an older version.

I have sensorware working but cannot find an older version of GB.

I have an iphone 5c on 9.3.5

I was able to update it to an older version by going in the update section of the App store. Will now try if it works.

I think that if you have an old PC on XP with Itunes 32bits, you have the possibility to purchase apps (with your account).
I have to do that with my old iphone 4S -9.3.5) to download Garage Band. And it worked.

A desperate alternative is to ask someone for you or have an account to login to ios 10 App Store and purchase garage band. Then on your lower models of ios App Store>purchased>not on this ipad/iphone, download the compatible version. all will be well.


This should work but just careful about things like as soon as your friend logs into your phone, the phone might sync things like emails, contracts, etc …

Just wondering why you need and older version of garageband ?

It’s in the first sentence of the thread. The latest version of GB requires iOS 10.3
My iPod Touch 5th Gen and my iPhone 4S both max out at iOS 9.3.5

As of June 16, 2019 this method works like a charm. I bought an iPad 3rd gen with iOS 9.3.5 and wanted GB,found this post and I now have it! Just give it about 15min to show up in your purchases…

Great to hear :ok_hand:

Still works in 2021 on my ipod touch 5th gen! Thanks a ton Lawrence!


Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

Great stuff. The ipod touch 5th gen is a great little machine :grinning:

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