[Solved] LEDs in the sensor constantly changing from blue to green to red and back to blue



I just got a pair of the free drum sensors and quite excited to experiment with it!
I charged the sensors and turned it on to connect to my app/windows 10 system. But when I turn on one of the sensors, the led light is constanly changing from blue to green to red. I’m not sure how to fix this and I couldn’t find a solution yet. I tried resetting the sensor by long press, but this persists. Your help would be great.



It sounds like the sensor could have a connection issue. Have you tried updating the sensor through sensorware for iOS or Android.

Try holding down the button until it turns yellow. You should hold it down longer than 11 seconds.

Otherwise send us an email letting us know the issue and reference this post so we can better assist you.



Yes, I actually had a chat with you yesterday and got my sensors to work!!!
Thanks a lot for the help!