[Solved] No Bluetooth connection on MacBook

The title says it all…
Other devices connect properly. Even smc pram reset did not help.

Modellname: MacBook Pro
Modell-Identifizierung: MacBookPro11,4
Prozessortyp: Intel Core i7
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 2.2 GHz
Anzahl der Prozessoren: 1
Gesamtanzahl der Kerne: 4
L2-Cache (pro Kern): 256 KB
L3-Cache: 6 MB
Speicher: 16 GB
Boot-ROM-Version: MBP114.0172.B16
SMC-Version (System): 2.29f24

Apple Bluetooth-Softwareversion: 4.4.6f1 17910
Hardware, Funktionen und Einstellungen:
Name: Joerns MacBook Pro

Everything is working on iPhone7 & iPad mini.

Tipps or tricks are welcome.

Have you seen this, bassman?


You access and control bluetooth through the “Audio MIDI Setup”. It works for me on my Macbook Pro.

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As Mike says, you need to connect through the Audio MIDI Setup app – click Window > Show MIDI Studio, then double click on the Bluetooth icon there.

Initially, I had an issue with one sensor failing to connect on both my MBP and iPhone. A restart on both resolved the issue.

I can’t pairing the freedrums even tough I go to the midi panel… I don’t have any bluetooth icon .

I can’t pairing the freedrums even tough I go to the midi panel… I don’t have any bluetooth icon

I am NOT a techie so don’t trust me on this, but on another thread Fredrik Freedrums said this:

You can also connect the sensors to your computer if it has Bluetooth Low Energy support (most mac’s do and is an excellent option).

So it may be that your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth Low Energy support? (Whatever that is…)

You can check if you have BLE support by going into  → About this Mac → System Report. Then under the Bluetooth tab.
Check the Bluetooth Low Energy Supported.

Thanx for the inputs. My bad, and I’m ashamed.
RTFM is the keyword ;o) and mike was right.

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Hi, I dont understand how do you solved the problem. I cant conect by bluetooth and in midi option I dont see the bluetooth icon. Thanks!

HI, you solved the problem?

Hello Fran,

What model is your Apple Device?
What version of macOS are you running?

It could help us understand why you don’t see the bluetooth icon.

I resolved now. I delete a midi driver form the library and now I see the bluetooth icon

Hi Fran
I have the same problem.
Can you tell me which midi driver you deleted?