[Solved] Ordered Freedrum yesterday. Not had any confirnation as yet usually happens within 5 minutes

You would normally get an email confirmation if you order something online but nothing as yet. Have I wasted £200?

No need to worry!
Maybe due to Weekend.
Anyway welcome to the freedrum world!

Hello Angliaman,

You should have received a confirmation of your order. Please check your spam folder and see if it ended up there. This can happen because our address ends in .rocks and not .com. We are looking into it.

Please private message me back so I can better assist you. We just need the email you used to order so we can look up your order.

Hi Seyran, my own fault I typed in the email address incorrectly and missed a “.” out hence no email.
Have heard from dhl and this is where I noticed it. They contacted me via txt so fine.
Being delivered tomorrow.
PS How do I PM you? Fpr future reference.

Thanks for your time.


Hello Rob!

No worries it has happned to me as well. :slight_smile:

You can just press my profile image or name and should get a prompt with a way to message. If not you can always email us for support at support@freedrum.rocks