[Solved] Problem with korg ble midi driver


Perhaps there is somebody having the same issue with korg ble midi driver on win10.
The First installation was alright and all the freedrums were seen by cubase 5.
But my Bluetooth dongle still lite when my computer is off. So i had to unplug it. When i wanted to plug it again, my usb port didn’t work ! So i plug it in another port and then the dongle worked again.
But the freedrums are no longer available in cubase nor in reaper !
So i tried to uninstall korg ble midi driver and install it again. Nothing worked anymore ? Tried again and again. Nothing.
Is there anyone experiencing this issue ?


I found the solution.
It seems that the korg ble midi driver is associate with the usb port of the Bluetooth Dongle.
So i succeed to Have my usb port available again and it works again !

So we must use the same usb port all the Time.