[Solved] Re-orientation by twisting to the right

Currently pressing LED buttons is the only way of re-orientating sensors, and snare is the only option for starting point.
It is quiet difficult to press the buttons in the middle of playing.

So, I suggest another way of re-orientating sensors - Position Correcting by Twisting to the Right

  1. Twist the right stick to the right and hit, then any hitting point will be a new reference for hi-hat.

  2. Twist the left stick to the right and hit, then any hitting point will be a new center of snare.

Drifting occurs mostly after fill-in.
Many times we experienced that after fill-in the crash in stead of hi-hat and the floor tom in stead of snare cut in the way.

Since hi-hat and snare are the most frequent hitting zones, any time the drifting seems to wake up, without stop, just twist the stick to the right and hit, then the right stick goes back to hi-hat, and the left back to snare.

Especially, after fill-in, when we go back to hi-hat, twisting to the right will assures us it must be hi-hat.
Likewise, hitting by the left hand twisted to the right always to be snare.

  • Expected errors and limitations
  1. A mistake shot by unintended twisting to the right
  • Filtering out the angle of far left and right side will help since hi-hat and snare are in the middle.
  • Raising up the threshold of twisting angle can minimize the chance of mistake.
  • Twisting stick to the right won’t be easy at first, but the practice always wins.
  1. Open hi-hat and rim shot cannot be a option for the reference.

Two days ago, I wrote that without hardware change the drifting won’t go away.
Though my suggestion has possible limits and need of practice, I think it won’t be so difficult to implement this option.

If the angle for twisting to the right goes beyond the coverage of gyro sensor, then it means I just wasted my time, but I don’t want to drop a piece of any hopes.

Please, feel free to give any suggestions, corrections or thoughts on this.

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If my suggestion is too hard to apply, I wanna show a easy way.

What if we can choose the destination(like hi-hat in stead of snare) after pressing LED button?

If the right stick can go to hi-hat while the left remains snare, I can press the buttons anytime during I play.

In that way, we can correct the position by pressing LED buttons time to time even before drifting happens.

I think it would be much easier than what I suggested before.

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I remapped the right stick, and the hi-hat is the starting point.

It is just an example that most of you do not need to follow.

Just take a look at the center area.

The center of the right and the left is different.

Toms are on the right, and cymbals are on the left.


As a result I can re-orient the point of hi-hat anytime.

Thanks to the devs team, despite absolutely no response, I am indeed grateful that at least you motivated me.


How could you re-map the stick?? :open_mouth:

Anyway, your original suggestion is a GREAT idea, I also would be happy if I could re-calibrate the sticks while playing (without pressing the buttons).

Or the A.I. could recognize the frequent hi-hat & snare hits somehow, and it could re-calibrate itself automatically!!! :slight_smile:

Developers, what’s your take on this idea? :slight_smile:

Not much activity here… :frowning: