[Solved] Refund Attempt with zero communication


I’ve attempted to reach out to support for a refund/return due to the general bugs with the system, but I haven’t received a response in several days. Is anyone on the forum able to assist in getting a return processed? Communication is very poor.


Hello Tyler,

We apologize for the delay in response. We had a issue with the contact form on the setup page. I have emailed you the instructions for the return now.



I’m in the same position as Tyler - the system doesn’t work correctly (it drifts whereby I can’t make it through half a song without mishits). Haven’t received a reply from my email two days ago. What’s going on?



Hello Ben,

We have sent you an email with feedback.


Sorry to be a bother but can I get a refund please,
When I hit what I think is the snare drum I hit the crash,hi hat or bass drum or lower Tom or ride cym and every other drum exept the snare. I can’t hit any drum I want on purpose but instead it just hits any drum or cymbal randomly when I start waving my arm around trying to hit the correct drum. I try and recalibrate them when they go wrong, which is every time I lift a stick, and still have the exact same problem. The most I have been able to play is 1 bar of the hi hat and the snare with the crash and high Tom going off on every beat and therefore am not satisfied with my portable drum kit that I spent $225 on.


Hello Solly,

We can assist you with that. Can you email us with your order number so we can look up your order information.


Thanks my order number is 01158.


Hello Solly,

We are having trouble finding that order number. Can you email us at support@freedrum.rocks so we can get more information?



I’m in the same situation. Can I have an update about my refund status? My order number is #8088

p.s. Check the support automatic reply (“Thank you for your message. Please be aware our office will be closed until December 27th, 2018 due to the holidays. We will respond to you as soon as we are available. You are still able to order from us, but deliveries won’t be shipped until the 27th.”)




Hello Davide,

We have processed it now and replied to the other message posted on the forum.