[Solved] Sensor update didn't work

Sensor update is not working. Now I have a sensor with probably partial update, sensor don’t switch to update red mode. I tried with yellow mode but it didn’t work now he lost even bluetooh device name and it is impossible to update to 9. What can I do? Can I downgrade? Reset didn’t work. It is possible to update through usb cable? Thanks

update: sensorware reply “can’t write sensor”. Yellow and red mode still don’t work


Can you please let me know your order number?

Hello Seyran,

i received freedrum complete kit as a gift so i don’t have a order number

Are you able to get the order number from who gifted it to you? We need it to see if we can send out a replacement sensor if needed.

Hello Seyran,

my friend send this number: Order #03124. I hope will be this one


We will reply to you by email.

@Seyran I’m having this same issue, but no reply to my email queries.

Hello Colin did you solve that problem?

If you are having any issues with updating, charging, or connecting please reach out to us directly at support@freedrum.rocks

  • Seyran