[Solved] Sound created on upward movement


Hi fellow drummers,

I have been using freedrum for a few months now, but since several weeks the sensors do not react well to my movements: they seem to react slower than before (although that can also be my imagination) and now they are also triggered when bringing the sticks back up after I hit downwards. This creates an unwanted, double sound.

I have installed the software on IOS (Iphone 6), Sensorware indicates I have the latest firmware version (FD1 v6). I play with headphones directly plugged into my Iphone with a cable.

Anyone an idea how I can solve this issue? I could not find anything on the forum, but please let me know if someone raised the same question before.


Greetings, Tim


Just try and turn your phone fully OFF (swipe to power down after long press). Although there may be no programs running, there can still be a lot going on in the background after closing apps. I have found in experience, a full shut down of my iPhone works a charm.

Let me know how you get on…


Hi Filipio,

Sorry for the late answer. I have tried that, unfortunately it did not help… Let me know if you another idea, thanks. :slight_smile:


UNo problem. when you connect your sensors via the sensorware app, do they all read v6? And is your iPhone jailbroken also?

Let me know and i’ll See what I can come up with. It’s definitely the phone / software o either the phone or sensors that’s for sure.


Hi Fillipio, thanks for thinking with me. Yes, the sensors all have V6. My IPhone is not jail broken. Would it work better with a jail broken phone or worse?

I don’t know if this information helps, but if turn the sensors upside down (lights towards me), suddenly I can hear louder sounds. Also I can hear the cymbals, which are now hard to find when putting the sensors in the normal way (lights towards the tip of the stick).

Hopefully it’s helpful!



Sounds like you have the sensors upside down. The LED should be pointing towards your hand.

Like this:

My FreeDrum kit not work properly

Really… Oh man, that is quite stupid haha… Now they work much better. I cannot hit accurate yet, but I think that is a matter of practice. Better to check the tutorials again. Thanks!