Some screenshots of issues I was unable to solve so far

Hi freedrums forum,

Here some screenshots I took over time, representing misc bugs that I learned to live with :confused:

If anyone has ideas how I could get the 4 sensors to work fine with 10 zones instead of 6, and get rid of the issues at the same time, it would be great., but think I tried all that is possible. lol

Instead of deleting those I tought the screenshots could eventually be useful to some people browsing in the future, and if not you can just let me know so I can delete this post :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:




The sensors are running the latest firmware with V9.

You can configure you kit in the Freedrum app for iOS or Android and then use Sensorware simply to connect the sensors to your DAW of choice on windows. No need to use Senorware on Windows to configure the sensors.

Please reach out if you need any further assistance.

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Thanks for the β€˜quick’ replly :stuck_out_tongue: Have a good weekend.