Sounds when moving up drum sticks [Solved]


I’ve post in an other topic but I really want to know if someone have the same pb… After 2 weeks testing the new app with sensors V9, (Create the same kit as the old app) :

The sensitvity is to much high for snare drum (specialy) : good for rolls but I hear sound when I move the sensor up too… Most of hits are double :frowning_face:

I try alpha features in sensorware (you can increase or decrease sensibility), but it doesn’t work (I’ve got a samsung S8)

Because this pb, I have less fun since the new app… I’ve stop practice…:frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

It’s to bad, freedrum was so fun and near perfect :frowning:


Yep, I have the same issue, which I described in the other topic. Samsung S9


Hello Yann & Kakulaacis,

We are having trouble trying to recreate this exact thing you mentioned. Are you able to record a video of your stick when playing so we can get a better idea of what is happening?

Is it just the snare drum?
Does the sensor rotate at all when playing?

Thank you!


Hello Seyran, thank you for your answer and your attention :


Hello Yann,

Here is a short video describing what could be happening. Are you able to record a video similar to the one I uploaded so it’s just the 1 snare drum and the angle for the side to see if its the same issue?
Thank you!



Hello Seyran,

after a lot of try, I’ve found the trigger !

This double sound appear when the stick is parallel to the ground :

It did not happen with the previous version (V7)… :frowning_face:


Interesting. Anyway, the way we hit those drums haven’t changed and this wasn’t an issue in earlier versions. It’s not an issue even if you play in sensorware. So this means it’s the new freedrum app. Even the issue with angles is better in sensorware


The last update of the app has solved the problem… Good job, thx team ! :+1:


No worries Yann! Thank you for helping us out in the process. We appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile: