Space between toms, cymbals etc



My main question is to ask if you plan to give the user possibility to put more ‘space’. between toms and all the kti pieces? for example I only use 1 tom + snare + hihat and feets, but my first tom is still damn too close to the rest, my ride keeps getting lost etc…) I think I have issues with my sensors also(remember my firmware updates ‘GAT Error’ an d all?). been able to work it out so everything works fine, but I think this drifting problem and other SMALL issues could be due to this :confused:

Also I was wondering if you found a solution for drifting? even if I am very careful not to go too hard to avoid drifting too much too fast, it keeps doing it. I did everything you could imagine but can’t solve the drifint one…).

That said, it wasnt a waste of time because I learned a ton and found very useful stull(for example my favorite drumkit is sensorware’s built-in drum hahaha and the reason is because it requires ‘NO configuration’ at all and sounds nice, even left superior drummer 3 with metallica custom kit freom black album because I got tired of drifting and it almost doesnt drift in the android version of sensorware)

Long story short, it is very cool to drum directly from the sensorware app, so far my best results(after literally weeks of tests, changing computers, resetting phones etc …)

One last thing: if you need me to help in development or promotion, I work in IT and study in artificial intelligence, was an IT admin for 10 years and developper for almost 5 years(+keep developping in spare times;) , and if you dont need dev but look for a reseller in Quebec, I would be interested if you have something to offer that would satisfy us both :smile:
Have a good day drummers! don’T give up this product is the best at the moment and is definitely going to be the best one all-in-all for the long term.

These guys truly have the good way to do this and I’ve been drumming 18 years…I checked their competitors and other alternatives to try achieving this dream by myself before, I looked for years, and the best hope is definitely FreeDrums even if others look good or better(they got very good(and expensive I suppose) designers or marketing people to make us fall in their traps but freedrums is 100% sure the way to go). All we need is to solve drifting either with an update or better((and more $$)m sensors…,.

I’ll be patient as much as I can haha

Let me know if you have suggestions to answeer my question at the beggining of this book ! Sorry for the longgggggg text i’m in a Mixed Reality live festival at the moment, got to go :smiley:

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